How Long Does Menopause Last ?
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How Long Does Menopause Last ?

How Many Years does Menopause Last...

The length of menopause varies with the severity of the symptoms. It is different for each individual woman. On average  it lasts from between 5 to 10 years . Though in some rare instances it can be over in only a few months for others it may take years.

 The duration of menopausal period is different for every women and cannot be predicted before hand. Though if you want an idea about how long your menopause will last, a good indicator can be gauged from your family history... Go and ask your mother or your grand mother or your aunt. How long did there menopausal symptoms last? And you will be able to gain a fair idea of the length of time you are looking at.

You could easily be dealing with menopausal stress, anxiety, night sweats, mood swings, hot flushes and all the other symptoms for up to several months or even years.

So best advice is to stop worrying about how long it will last and start focusing on managing your menopause effectively via healthful living, regular exercise, balanced diet and adequate precautions.

In fact, Due to the long length of menopause and to avoid the side effects of various drugs for relief of menopause symptoms, a lot of women are successfully opting for unconventional alternative therapies such as self hypnosis and tapes and cd's for stress and anxiety relief.

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