What is the Average Age For Menopause

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What is the Average Age For Menopause - Age of Onset of Menopause

Earliest Age for Menopause

Menopause usually starts around 45-50 years of age though early menopause can also onset as early as 35 40 years of age. It can last from a few months up to several years and is usually completed once you have missed your periods for twelve consecutive months.

Besides Genetics and hereditary programming, A women's sexual health is also greatly affected by external factors such as environment, life style, pollution, stress, nutrition, exercise or lack of it, drug abuse, smoking alcohol and other unknown factors.

 This is quite obvious in the fluctuations she experiences in her menstrual cycles. For instance, if she is too thin or malnourished, she will loose her monthly cycles. Similarly if she is too stressed out, or moves from one city to another, her menstrual cycle will be delayed or onset earlier than usual. The state of her mind do affect the duration and timing of her periods.

 Similarly it can be argued that her menopausal age can be affected by external stimuli. If she is living a very severe existence, it may be onset earlier or if she has a very healthy life style, it can be delayed to some extent. However this theory still remains to be validated.

Though it is a fact, that heredity plays a role and how soon you entered puberty also has a definite impact.

 So the factors that impact the age of onset of menopause  basically boil down to:

  • At what age your biological mother entered into menopause - your menopause age will be close to your mother's age under similar lifestyle circumstances.

  • At what age you started menstruating - generally, the earlier you started the earlier you may become menopausal.

  • How healthy and stress free is your life style. You might be able to delay the onset of menopause relatively based on how healthy and stress free you are living your life.

Can You Delay or slow down  the Age of Onset of Menopause:

So ladies, what you can't control, you can't control. But you can at least manage what is within your means... Eat healthy, Exercise regularly, eliminate stress from your life as much as possible. Go For it. If you are able to live a very balanced and healthy life, you can delay aging to a certain extent.

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