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Fatigue During Menopause - Can Menopause Cause Fatigue?

Fatigue is yet another effect of menopause. Most menopausal women get tired and fatigued easily. This is because of  poor sleep, high stress and anxiety with  accompanied shallow breathing results in less stamina and energy in the body. All this is being caused by hormonal fluctuations in the women's body during menopause.

With less energy, getting tired or fatigued easily starts impacting the quality of life, and other related health problems start showing up.

 The best way to deal with fatigue in Menopause  is to overcome Depression and anxiety, this can be achieved by :

  • to relax.

  • Drink adequate healthy amounts of water.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Eat healthy meals.

  • Practice good hygiene.

  •  Also try natural menopause relief food supplements, such as flax seed, soy milk and tofu.

  •  Control your stress , anxiety and depression naturally and try and get a good sleep.

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