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What is an Internal Eye Sty ?

By Darry J. Oswald

An internal sty causes a red, painful swelling, but its location prevents the pus from appearing on the eyelid. A stye develops rapidly, producing an elevated, painful, red, swollen area on the eyelid.
Most chalazia develop further from the eyelid edge than styes. A sty is a bacterial infection that appears as a small bump along the edge of the eyelid. A sty resembles a pimple and is located at the edge of the eyelids. Chalazions usually occur farther from the edge of the eyelid than styes, and tend to "point" toward the nose side of the eyelid.
If the eyelash stye lasts for more than 3 days or the infection appears to be spreading, consult an eye doctor. A sty is an infection of one of the follicles from which the eyelashes grow. A problem that can occur along with, or be mistaken for, a stye is an inflammation or infection of the eyelid (blepharitis).
Discharge from the infection causes the well known symptoms of eyelids stuck together on wakening or having a "crusty" appearance. Your eye doctor may recommend replacing your contact lenses after the stye has healed to prevent recurrence or spread of the infection.
In some cases, however, an untreated stye may lead to cellulitis (a more widespread infection of the skin) of the eyelid. If the eyelash stye lasts more than 3 days or the infection appears to be spreading, consult your eye doctor.

The initial treatment for styes is usually warm compresses to the eyelid at least three or four times a day. In children who are susceptible to styes, gently cleaning the eyelid with a clean, warm washcloth can help prevent the pores from becoming clogged.

At first, a chalazion looks and feels like a stye: swollen eyelid, pain, and irritation. Resembling a pimple on the eyelid, a stye can grow on the inside or outside of the lid. As the stye grows, the eye may water and the eyelid may be painful. DO NOT attempt to squeeze a stye or any other type of eyelid bump. Facial edema may also be caused by a stye, or growth on the inner or outer eyelid.

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