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How to deal with loneliness after a divorce , marriage separation or break up

Okay so you've been dumped or divorced or have had a breakup and now you are finding it hard to face life all alone. You are suddenly faced with big chunks of emptiness in your life... all those hours you spent on your relationship... Hell, your entire life might even have revolved around it... and now suddenly it is no more.

  • No more waiting or cooking for someone for dinner.

  • No more going out with someone.

  • No more seeking approval for everything.

  • No one to go home to.

  • No one for sharing secrets

  • No sympathetic shoulder to cry over.

  • No more relying upon someone for advice  in decision making.

  • No more someone to lean on.

Socializing is even worse, because all your friends / family have got their partners to share life with, and alone with them you almost feel like an outcast... even more lonely.  You feel like you are left floating in the air like a 'rudderless kite' with nothing to ground you. You feel like withdrawing further. The contrast in your situations is making you feel so bad that You don't even want to go out and be with them anymore.

Hey wake up baby ! This is life. You have to learn to be independent, self reliant and self confident all over again - just like you were before you got entangled in that failed relationship - or even better. Yes, you have to get out of the bondage of codependency - if that is what is pulling you down. And get back up on your own two feet.

You don't need to shut yourself out from the world. You don't need to mope around feeling terrible loneliness. Wake up to reality and face the world. Fight with the loneliness overcoming it and cure it completely. The solution for you right now is to get excitement, passion and purpose back in your life where it belongs.

Here are some strategies to help you in dealing with loneliness and overcoming it completely and absolutely:

The end of your marriage, or the break up of your relationship does not symbolize the end of an era, it symbolizes a new beginning, a rejuvenation, a re-generation or a re-birth -  This is an opportunity to recreate your life - And that is how you should treat it.

There is always great rejoicing at the start of a new life... That is why birthdays are always celebrated. So this is your new birthday ... a new beginning for you. Go out and celebrate. Treat yourself to something you have always wanted to do. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel happy. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel excited and full of life.

 And if you can't feel the excitement of this new beginning. If your feelings have been so numbed by your old emotional baggage that you can't feel anything inside yourself except  hopelessness of your situation and deep loneliness. Then I will advise you to get  Overcoming Depression or try any of the following, whichever feels more applicable to you:


After listening a few times , I can guarantee that you will literally 'feel something shift within yourself' . You will feel the need to get up and move. You will find yourself doing things that felt unthinkable previously. Your feelings of hopelessness will fall away. And you will soon be loving and living life with a new excitement, passion and purpose. This could be one of the best solutions for you, and you will be wise not to waste anymore of your precious time and life looking for other ways to cure your loneliness.

So Stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide to get over your breakup once and for all. Once you make this decision it will be a very liberating moment for you. You won't let any old emotional baggage pull you down.

 Your feelings of loneliness and lack of passion for life is a crystal clear indication that you have not yet gotten over your old relationship or over your divorce or separation yet. Here are some more articles that could help you in coping with loneliness after your breakup:


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