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How to Cope with loneliness

Coco Chanel the founder of the Chanel brand name started her life in an orphanage with no friends or family, and built up a whole empire around it.

 Wayne Dyer the famous author spent the first decade of his life being shuffled around in foster homes and orphanages... yet he has a whole family and millions of fans who love him today.

 Mother Teresa Left her family and the security of her convent school to work with the poor and deprived people of Calcutta winning millions of hearts all over the world.

The famous TV Show producer Oprah was raped as a teenager by her mothers relatives, had a baby at 14, and had to deal with a lot of hopelessness, rejection and struggle in her life, Yet she is now successful and most important of all well liked and loved by countless people.

Passion, Purpose and Excitement - if you have these three elements in your life right now, no situation would be so hopeless that you would  be searching for strategies to cope with loneliness. However if your life is mired in hopelessness, sadness, feelings of rejection, fear and phobia of all kind, feelings of low self worth, than no wonder you fear loneliness. Lets first discover the root cause of your loneliness before we proceed to eliminate it from your life: Is it:

  • Lack of friends or unable to make new friends

  •  inability to socialize or social anxiety

  • Fear of rejection

  • Fear of being left alone.

  • Loneliness due to Relationship breakup and inability to find good enduring relationships.

  • Unsatisfactory relationships or relationship problems.

  • Your attitude causing problems dealing with people and driving people away.

  • Lack of friends or relatives and/or advancing age.

  • Deep sadness, lack of joy, enthusiasm of life, incapable of enjoying life, no spark for life.

If any of the above describe your problem, then you know the root cause of your loneliness. You know what's preventing you from taking the right steps towards overcoming loneliness.

Here are some strategies to help you cope with loneliness

Uncover your passion or purpose in life - find something you would love to do and that will absorb you completely. And start doing it. Get so absorbed in it that you wouldn't worry about loneliness no more.

After you have proceeded to healing your emotional or attitude issues using any of the resources described above, now think of what you can give to the world... Go out and find a cause to volunteer your services, or go out and join a club, or join a special interest class, or go where people are. Get as active as you can.

You will soon notice that you will start attracting people into your life. You will discover your passion. Life will no longer be dull and boring. You will be throbbing with the spark of life and enjoying every minute of it. You will no longer be lonely or sad or depressed.

You will be having fun like crazy and enjoying every minute of it.

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