Candida and Bloating

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Candida and Bloating

By Jane Simms

Candida is a condition of the digestive tract that can result  in many common digestive symptoms. Bloating usually isnít considered as a major symptom when youíre dealing with more urgent things like diarrhea, fatigue, thrush, cramps and fatigue, but bloating is a well-known symptom of Candida.

Candidaís natural job inside the human body is to help in digestion. It helps to ferment food and in the process, it naturally produces carbon dioxide, which causes flatulence. But those that believe that Candida can grow out of control, even inside those with healthy immune systems (something modern medical science strongly believes is impossible) believe that with large amounts of Candida, come large amounts of carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide, in turn, causes severe and sometimes painful bloating.
Candida goes on to irritate the lining of your stomach and intestines so that you arenít able to properly absorb the nutrients in your food, leading to battles of constipation or diarrhoea. Candida is believed to be the number one cause of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. What makes Candida so controversial is that as it spreads, itís believed that the Candida spreads large amounts of toxins in the human body, therefore causing a wide range of symptoms that makes diagnosis essentially impossible.

There are many products on the market that are made to help cure Candida, or at the very least, relieve the symptoms. Probiotics, the ingestion of Ďgoodí living bacteria to help fight the bad Candida is a common treatment. But what other options are there out there?

If the idea of swallowing pills containing bacteria freaks you out, there can be other methods of treating Candida overgrowth. The first logical step is to try to reduce the amount of Candida roaming around in your gut. This can be done by literally starving the rapidly breeding Candida to death by changing your diet to include less sugar and carbs. The Candida have a sweet tooth that loves to snack on sugar, just like most of the people itís affecting. The first and least evasive step is to simply change your diet.
Another step you can take to try to lower the number of Candida swimming around in your body is to try to limit or eliminate antibiotics from your medicine cabinet. Itís believed by those that are suffering from Candida that the biggest culprit in the spread of the disease is that antibiotics are being over-prescribed and overused. The antibiotics kill many of the Ďgoodí bacteria in the digestive tract when they are taken to help treat a sickness. Itís thought that this slaughter of the Ďgoodí bacteria is what gives Candida the ability to run wild through the body and make you sick. If you donít want to try probiotics, the next best thing is to simply remove the thing that could be making you sick in the first place.
Again, it canít be stressed enough that the best thing for anyone who thinks they are suffering from Candida to do is to consult with a doctor before starting any treatment regimen.The more you know about whatís ailing you, the easier it will be to treat and the sooner youíll feel better.

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