How Long Does a Menopausal Women Have Hot Flashes

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How Long Does a Menopausal Women Have Hot Flashes?

Body Temperature Fluctuations  During Hot Flashes

Hot flashes happen because the fluctuating hormones being produced by the ovaries in the female body send conflicting signals to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus regulates the body temperature depending on the hormonal levels in the brain. Your body can heat up by an additional 7 degrees during a hot flash. However this depends to a large extent on the sensitivity of the women. Some women hardly experience hot flashes, for others , it may be triggered by such mundane things as a hot bath or sauna. Hence the severity, frequency, and length of hot flashes are different for each women depending on her sensitivity. Typically European and North American Women are more sensitive to vasomotor menopausal symptoms as compared to other races.

Average Length of Hot Flashes - How Long Do Hot Flashes Last During Menopause

Though not all women experience hot flashes, however 90% do experience it during their first year of the onset of menopause. The frequency of hot flashes decreases gradually with time. the average length a women may experience hot flashes being between one to three years. Though it could be significantly longer for some women.

Duration and Frequency of Hot Flashes

Hot flash attacks range in intensity from Mild (lasting between 30 seconds to 2 minutes) to Medium ( lasting between 2-6 minutes) to severe ( 6-30 minutes).

 A menopausal women may experience several hot flash attacks during the day. Anything ranging between 5-8 episodes of hot flashes per day is considered a severe case of hot flashes, and may require medical attention.

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