Why Woman Cheat

Why is my wife or girl friend cheating?



Why Do Woman Cheat?

There are several deep rooted  reasons that compel woman to go against their ingrained stature of being 'faithful and loyal' wives, mothers and daughters to trigger the cheating behavior in woman:

Such reasons for woman cheating can stem from:

Impulsive behavior - being carried away by the moment - yes woman are more prone to impulsive behavior, particularly if they are also facing problems with their husband or partner.

There is no passion in their marriage with their spouse or partner - it has gone dead.

Their spouse or partner simply treats them like an 'object' to be used and disposed or kept away for later use... Hence they do not get enough  outlet or attention for their sentimental feelings or emotions - hence they go out and cheat with anyone who pays them more compliments, romantic attention, shows deep understanding , makes them feel special, appreciated and beautiful.

Women are attracted to power, confidence and money - hence if they are stuck in a cold relationship with an uncharismatic, shy and retiring man, they may respond by seeking someone stronger, more confident, powerful and more romantic - someone that make s them feel special and taken care of.

The cheating behavior might have been triggered by deep feelings of insecurity due to the relationship with their father. Yes, the father - daughter relationship can have a strong impact on woman's psychological make up - so if the relationship was a strong, loving attachment with the father, such woman are less likely to cheat, than those who were distant, or felt uncared for or were even abused by their father.

Cheating might also be triggered if woman have an unhealthy self image with low self esteem, and they try to reinforce their self image by finding solace in multiple relationships - this makes them feel wanted, or beautiful and powerful.

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