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Definition  of  True Love - True Meaning of Love

To be able to find your true love, you first need to understand the meaning of true love. Since we live in a world of duality... for every up there is a down, for every in there in an out, for every dark there is a light ... right down to the basic elements, for every electron there is a proton... for every negative charge there is a positive charge to nullify and make it into one 'wholeness' ... for  every Yin there is a Yang... For every male there is a female to balance the equation and vice versa.

 Hence Spiritually for your personal equation to be complete, You are the Yin and you are attracting the Yang -- Your true love that will make you whole. For this duality -- spiritual equation to be complete to make one 'whole', all the energies need to be balanced in total peace and harmony. Hence finding true love means balancing your spiritual equation.

 Getting down to the baser instincts -- Just like a bitch in heat -- You first need to radiate energy to  start attracting the corresponding energies that will bring this harmonic balance into your life.

Hence, The quest for finding true love starts first in your own heart... can you find true love in your own heart?

You feel full of love towards everything and all situations including yourself... anger, ego, emotionalism have no place in your heart. Its so full of love radiating out from it to embrace and engulf all in its true light...

You are vibrating with love... That is when your true love is going to find you. This is because like attracts like. And for true love to be attracted to you... you must first be vibrating with a heart radiating true love.

 You feel great, and every situation feels good... no matter what. Even if something is bad and ugly and hurtful, you simply smile with true compassion, and express an innermost gentle feeling of gratitude, love and warmth engulfing all that is hurt  and ugly and gently soothing away the unwanted energies, or letting love heal the situation.

For true love you need to be vibrating with a heart full of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, peace, harmony and love... these feelings soothe away all the day to day mishappenings of life, and you are left surrounded by total peace, tranquility and love.... Energies that are going to attract complementing energies are now totally engulfing you in their loving folds.

That is when your true love comes to you...

You automatically start attracting all that is loving and peaceful and good for you into your reality. All that will complete your life balance, your 'wholeness' will automatically come to you.

 It all happens magically. Your true love finds you in totally unbelievable ways by just following the scent of your aura. It tracks you down sniffing its way through the universe and shows up in your life, claiming your immediate attention right now, even today. And you know right away as soon as you feel it. You are whole.

On the practical side of things, to start vibrating with true love, you need to:

  1. Start noticing everything to be grateful and joyous for... and start expressing/ vibrating with gratitude.

  2. Become forgiving... forgive everyone and everything in your past , present and even future.

  3. Soothe your ego and any ruffled feathers with loving energy and put them to sleep.

  4. Become more compassionate, loving and peaceful.

  5.  Start projecting love and peace to everyone and everything around you.

  6. Start feeling good and happy in the moment right now.

Once you are able to master yourself and radiate love with your heart.... you can be sure that your life equation is going to get balanced very soon... there is simply no if and buts... your true love is going to come to you.

 Believe with all your heart that it is so. Because so it is. The universe does not like open ended questions... or unbalanced equations or incomplete/ unfulfilled souls...

 You will find your true love... your soul mate... your hearts desire irrespective of all the current indicators or situations in your outer world -- So be sure that your true soul mate and happiness is coming to you... expect him/her anytime. Find True Love with Love Magnet  Self Hypnosis.


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