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Emotions of a Break up - The Psychology of Breakup

1. Men want understanding, appreciation, friendship, sympathy more than sex or passion in a relationship.

2. Women are influenced more by love , affection, passion, power, confidence and money. Courtship or affirmation about love is important to woman.

3. Most cheating happens unplanned or due to getting carried away by emotions yet there are under lying insecurities that are the cause of it... it is a crisis waiting to happen if adequate precautions are not taken.

4. A person's earliest experiences as a child/infant with his/her parents or caregivers usually set the pattern for the type of relationship he/she will have later on in life with their partners... If it was a well balanced childhood with adequate attention and encouragement... then the adult relationship will be balanced too. However if it was a controlled, dominating or unloved childhood, certain insecurities get embedded in that persons psych and may later show up in life to influence his/her relationships...

5. For a strong relationship you need love, affection, understanding, appreciation, caring, trust and friendship - if any of these elements are missing than the relationship is not balanced.

6. Emotions of suspicion, jealousy, and lack of trust or even possessiveness  and the fear that your relationship will break up or  your partner will cheat on you or leave you is 9 times out of 10 going to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy due the law of attraction... you are attracting that which you are giving out.

7. A balanced relationship is more likely to last rather than a platonic relationship. A platonic relationship burns out faster than a fire cracker, as the two partners realize that they have nothing in common to hold their interests together once the fires lighted by the sexual passions have burnt out.

8. Earlier on in the relationship, most relationships get polarized... , both partners develop a little bit of codependency in a relationship, if this is balanced out right than the relationship can be very successful.

9. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship, it is very highly likely that you are attracting such relationships due to insecurities embedded deep down in your mind... you need to develop a better self image, you need to appreciate yourself more, you need to have a strong self confidence... and then the people you will attract to yourself will be better accordingly... So the question is more like... Do you love yourself.... You will be loved only to the extent that you love yourself. Try using the best self help available Incredible Self Esteem

 10. What brought you together in the first place is  most likely what is going to help you to get back with each other.

11. Most break downs in relationships happen due to lack of adequate communication. The filters through which the two partners interpret a situation are different... hence their perception or understanding of what either of them is trying to convey may be quite different from the intended outcome... This difference in understanding a situation could easily escalate over time into a major crisis. Also read the article Art of communication for Healthy Relationships / Fixing a break up


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