How to stop My Man From Cheating
How to Stop a Cheating Husband

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How to stop  My man From Cheating

Most normal man want positive understanding, admiration, appreciation, respect and friendship in a relationship more than passion or sex. They want their efforts however small to be recognized and affirmed ...

That's why most man, provided they are not outright sex addicts or perverted jerks, get 'carried away' into cheating because they feel they are getting more understanding, sympathy and appreciation from someone else. Of course the importance of passion cannot be overlooked and every effort should be made to keep the relationship fresh and going strong.

To stop your man from further cheating, it is important for you to find out the underlying cause of his cheating behavior and figure out a way to handle the relationship from that angle. To give you a deeper understanding of why man cheat , read the article: Cheating is Just a Symptom

Here is how to stop your husband or boy friend  from cheating:

1. Review your relationship from the beginning and figure out what brought you two together in the first place... Why did your man find attractive in you? If possible try to recreate those elements in your life once again.

2. Make a list of all the things you like about your husband. C'mon there must be things you like about him however small... try to expand upon this list and keep reviewing it... because the more you focus on his positive qualities, the more your unconscious attitude and body language will start projecting positive vibes towards your man... and he is going to pick upon it very fast, and you will get a positive reaction from him. This is the gift that keeps on giving, so remain focused on your man's positive qualities and all the good things in your relationship.

3. Start showing more understanding, more sympathy and more appreciation to your husband or man.

4. Who are the people in your life whom your husband is very close with... Is he close with his mom, dad, brother, sister, some friend...? Find out those people whom your husband or boyfriend is very close with and make an effort to get to know them better... try and make them like you.... this is the same concept of using peer pressure to influence people.

5.Organize a romantic date with your husband or boy friend... First make a good dinner, relax out your man thoroughly,  Remind him of some of the really happy good times you have had together...
Show him some of the old photographs, Use passion, seduce him, do what-ever-it-takes to get a commitment from your partner to stop cheating. Once you have the commitment and while those romantic feelings are still hot, present  Remain Faithful self hypnosis to him as a solution that you feel comfortable with and make him listen to it. Keep repeating for the next few days. Don't give him a chance to fall back.

6. While you are making your husband or boyfriend listen to  Remain Faithful,

  • Your part is to remain totally positive, confident and believe with complete and unwavering faith that it will happen.

  •  You need to start visualizing your relationship as perfect, joyful and happy.

  •  Project feelings of peace and love to envelope yourself and your husband.

  • See both of you having the same level of intimacy that you had initially or even better.

  •  Simply refuse to entertain any contradictory thoughts that may dare to seep into your mind. Every time a negative thought about your relationship enters your mind, replace it with a positive, loving and peaceful thought.

7.  Try to understand  how the power of your thoughts works in bringing you what you want - read Law of Attraction Articles. 

Self Help to help you  stop your husband or boy friend  from cheating:

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