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How to satisfy Your man, husband or boyfriend and keep them satisfied forever...

You have tried all the tricks you know, but you are getting that indescribable gut feeling that he is very slowly but surely slipping away. A secret fear is nibbling at the base of your stomach, you don't want to lose him. The sameness and pressures of everyday life are possibly dimming the passions, or you can't get him interested enough. Or probably, a fear of rejection is threatening to raise it's ugly head in your life.

Whatever your innate reasons for having this need to satisfy your man, husband, boyfriend or lover, you have made a wise choice by seeking to find ways to create more passion, intimacy, fulfillment, love and attraction in your life. You deserve the best relationship possible.

 On the practical side of things, the fact is that for a sizzling relationship, you need to engage your man on an emotional, spiritual, psychological and sexual levels as well as have his ego well under your influence. Satisfying relationships are more a matter of influence, persuasion and communication.

How to satisfy your man: Spiritual Healing

While on the spiritualist plane... As the spiritualist would say, that 'spirit is all one'. You already have a connection to your man's spirit through your own.  Hence Spiritually, what you are experiencing may actually be a subtle reflection of your own fears mirroring back to you.

 For a moment imagine a flower... for instance a lotus flower with all its petals connected to a common stem. Spiritually, we humans can be seen as the petals of the flower, with the stem being the common soul which is being divided into each individual personality. Hence at the soul or 'stem' level you are already connected to your man. you can resolve whatever problem you are facing in your relationship, by going inside your own spirit and connecting through that universal stem to your partner's spirit , and resolving the issue at the core level.

Just for a moment, why not throw all caution to the winds, and try this 'spiritualist healing' of your core issues in your relationship. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax your mind. Then imagine yourself traveling back down the spine of the flower petal right to the stem, at the stem, you travel up your 'partners' petal or spirit and gently ask him why you feel that he is not being satisfied fully in your relationship. You might feel an answer flash into your mind. For instance your man could reply that he needs more passion, or he needs you to pamper more to his ego, or he might explain some of  the fears that are holding him back in the relationship. Then you can go to work on your relationship accordingly.

How to satisfy your man: Emotional Healing

For an emotional healing of the issues, you need to release , forgive and let go. Then project peace and love towards your partner. Set aside some quite time for this procedure. Forgive your man silently for all real or imagined issues that may have offended you. Forgive him and release him completely. And in your mind (or by repeating slowly to yourself) ask him to forgive and release you for any issues he may have found offensive. Then project peace and love to him as well as yourself. Imagine yourself together enveloped in a pink balloon of peace and love and having the most passionate, perfect relationship together.

How to satisfy your man have the most passionate perfect relationship

Various experts on the subject have created and perfected amazing techniques for satisfying your man , husband, boyfriend or partner. These techniques have worked well in the past. And there is no reason why they won't work for you. You can explore some of the resources outlined on this page, and find the one that is suitable for your situation.

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