How to Get  Revenge on a Cheating Wife , Husband ,  Lover or ex 
  Get Revenge on Your ex - How to get revenge on an ex boyfriend or girlfriend - How to Get Revenge on a Cheating Spouse or partner

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How to Get Revenge on a Cheating Wife , Husband , Lover or ex girlfriend or boyfriend...

The best way to revenge someone who you love and who has deeply hurt your innermost feelings is to give them as good as they gave you...

  1. This means you don't have to fly into a mad rage and hurt your lying or cheating wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover physically.

  2. You do not turn abusive and start attacking or berating him/her verbally inflicting emotionally or psychologically abuse.

  3. You do not fly into a crazed fit and kill your spouse , partner or lover. Yes I said do not kill. For I know several cases where the urge for revenge got so all consuming that it led to murder for the victim and of course jails, lawsuits and even death sentences for the avenger.

  4. Nor do you play silly pranks like subscribing them to all kinds of porn or junk mail... I mean this is too predictable and immature. This will not take away your hurt nor will it drastically hurt the cheating party.

In fact if your urge for revenge borders near any of the above choices than your cheating wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover may have their point proven even before you launch yourself on the path of avenging. Yes, they have won with their hands down. Why ...

Your urges bordering on the negative prove beyond doubt that you ...

  • Do not care about the well being of your cheating partner.

  • You have no scruples about physically hurting anyone, hence you are psychologically dis-balanced and may be in drastic need of psychological, emotional and or medical counseling.

  • You want to control and assert yourself, without care about your partners feelings or welfare.

  • Your relationship has not been based on mutual sharing and caring but rather been held by selfish needs.

  • As soon as you feel yourself threatened, your selfish ego takes over and you stop thinking rationally.

So your cheating partner or lover feels justified in their infidelous actions and are reinforced in the belief that it was your own negative attitude that drove them towards cheating or infidelity.

So what will you do? How will you revenge the hurt caused by your wife's/husband's/lover's cheating? Will you resort to cheating too, just to prove to your partner what it feels like, and make them experience the pain and trauma that you have had to go through? 

Lets take a trip to imagination land a bit… Imagine…

You have just completed a revenge strategy on your lover… Say you have hurt your lover just as much as she /he may have tortured you through conjugal infidelity… Say your lover is right now in a state of shock, or pain , unbelievable pain, unable to comprehend your actions… What is your reaction…

  • Are you gloating in happiness?

  • Have you attained peace of mind and heart?

  • Have you proven your point?

  • Have you got the upper hand?

  • Have you achieved what you thought you will achieve by taking revenge?

  • Has this established your supremacy in your lovers eyes?

  • Has this satisfied your innermost ego?

  •  Are you satisfied with your actions?>

  • What next... So what are you going to do now that revenge is over?

Hey stop,  do you really want to get  revenge?

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Why revenge:

  2. Why do you need to inflict pain on your lover

  3. To what extent are you willing to go for revenge:

  • Simply commit the same act that your lover has been secretly doing… just to prove to your lover how hurtful can it be

  • Or are you one of those who will hurt, maim or kill your lover in a crazed fit , and then spend the rest of your life trying to prove to the authorities that you were innocent or crazed into mental illness by your lovers actions.

Please note that revenge is solely for the highly selfish or even mentally unbalanced people… if you are seeking revenge it is merely to satisfy your hurt ego. And you will not attain the satisfaction that you are looking for even after revenge. But then lets see if you want to hurt your lover do you really love him/her?

 Your need to get revenge is simply an indication of your wounded ego, it is an indication that you do not really love your beloved husband/wife but want to control them… your actions are more the results of a misguided ego.

And you will never attain the peace of mind or self satisfaction that you are aiming for..

Best advice to you is…

Stop wasting your energies on planning revenge instead focus on the what next…

Do you really love your spouse or  partner ?  Do you want to continue living with him/her ?... If Yes, then handle the situation from and loving /understanding angle. Try any of the following...

But if you really don’t care about your lover/husband / wife, then stop wasting your energies and time and life on revenge…

Don't  Ever give your tormenter the sheer  satisfaction of knowing that  he/she has hurt you or has the power to hurt you further. Prove that You are Free at last. Here is how to get revenge on someone -- How to get revenge on people who have hurt you deeply --  The Best Way to Get Revenge on your  girlfriend, boyfriend , husband or wife or ex man or woman is to do the best for Yourself -- Do well beyond their wildest Dreams -- Here are some strongly recommended Tools...

  1. Regain Your Self Respect, Self Confidence and Self Esteem!

  2. Self Hypnosis Mp3's for Dealing With Emotional Issues...

  3. Develop ultimate Brain Power

...Because Living Well is the Best Revenge.

So Move on. Start Rebuilding. Focus on living your life and not killing yourself through revenge. Try to become the best you can or even better - Use some of the tapes and cd's or other tools described here. Because they work...

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 This Will be the best revenge you can ever get... Your ex might even get jealous with all the success and attention that you will attract as a result of using these revenge tools ... He/she might even want to get back with you... But of course You have the Power Now, Remember living well is the best and sweetest  revenge ever.

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