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Ways to Get Revenge - Getting Back at Someone

You first have to decide what the ultimate goal for your revenge is – are you just trying to get even or get back at someone for something he / she has done to you – What is the severity of the revenge you seek:

  •  Are you trying to pull a practical joke, a prank or a revenge tricks.

  • Or are you aiming at real ‘tear you apart’ revenge where you want to ruin someone’s life as a retaliation for what he or she has done to you?

  • I simply refuse to believe that you seek revenge because you are reacting in an immature small-boy / small-girl fashion.

What is the real reason that you seek revenge?

 Please think about it for a moment. Isn't it because you want to let go and bring balance back into your life... Yes this feeling of wanting revenge - why is it -  because someone has hurt your feelings very badly, and you want that person to be hurt as well so that you can feel better.

 Hence you are seeking revenge because you think that by revenge you will be able to lessen your pain and bring balance back to your life.

Do you think that is possible? Will you be able to release all the pain you have experienced due to that persons deception... You don't want that painful experience to hurt you anymore... and you think that you can achieve this by payback in the same currency that you received it in!

  • Please note that revenge will not bring you the solace that you want.

  •  It will hurt the other person to some extent... Yes, but It will not lessen the pain of that terrible experience.

  •  Any euphoria you experience will at best be a briefly fleeting sensation - giving way to guilt, regrets and possibly desperation.

  •  You will never be able to regain the peace of mind you are seeking through revenge.

It is not revenge that your heart deeply yearns for, it is to bring peace, harmony and balance back into your life and mind. and you can achieve this without opting for revenge.

Remember it is not what someone has done to you that matters, it is how you chose to react to that situation that counts the most. You can chose to go for revenge and hence fall to a level that is almost at par if not lower than that of the person who hurt you initially. Thereby proving that you are equally psychopathic if not more. But since you are surely not a psychopath, and you are surely not a person who is ruled by angry passion.

  •  You are emotionally mature.

  • You are reasonable.

  •  You are thoughtful.

  •  You are humane.

  •  You respect yourself deeply.

So if you do truly respect yourself, and you do truly care about yourself and people who love you and care about you, than you simply need to change your reaction and let go of the need for revenge.

You don't want revenge.

 You need to let go. You need to lessen the pain, and bring peace , harmony and balance back into your life.

By letting go you will by no means be lowering your self respect or self esteem or ego in any way. In fact you will be behaving in a highly responsible, and commendable way.

 You don't need to stoop to the same 'dirty' level to prove that you are better. Because you are better and you know that you are better.

 You don't need to hurt someone to prove that you are right. Because you know that you are right. And you are a grown up, so you don't need to react with a small-boy / small-girl mentality either. You are smart and mature.

You don't need to waste your life by taking out revenge or pay back on someone.

 That is what low-lifes, cheapos, and psychopaths do - or those who are not emotionally mature.  And you simply do not belong to that category. so let  go at once. Instead of thinking of revenge, redirect your precious thoughts and mind to more meaningful matters that will take your life to the next level instead of pulling it down and rubbing your 'face in the muck'. You are much better than that. Your intention should be:

  • Take back your power

  • Don't allow that person to hurt you any longer

  • Restore balance in your life

  • Eliminate Pain and Bring Peace and harmony back into your life.

  • Keep growing positively and moving forward.

 Revenge is unethical and even illegal. According to Tony Robbin's and other experts, It's not what happens to you that matters... But how you respond to it that makes all the difference. Hey you don't want to prove that you are nothing better than 99% of the freaking  people out there. Prove that you are different ... This will go a long way in showing how much better you are compared to the rest.

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PS: If your need for revenge is Obsessive, you might be suffering from psychopathic tendencies and you need to consult a professional therapist right away.


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