How to Get Revenge On Your ex-girlfriend

How to get revenge on ex-girlfriend - Revenge ex girlfriend


How to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend

Why are you obsessed with the need for revenge with your ex-girlfriend? Is she bothering you --

  • Perhaps trying to ruin you  financially?

  • Or perhaps by trying to take away any of your custodial rights you might share?

  • Or is she trying to sabotage your current /new relationship with your new girl friend?

  • Or is the mere thought of her driving you crazy,  making you feel miserable, worthless, angry, jealous or cheated?

  • Do you feel she has got the upper hand in your break up and you need to get even?

Whatever your motivation for your need for revenge, before you proceed further, you are advised to consider the sage words of experts like Tony Robbins and others :

It's not what happens to you that matters... But how you respond to it that makes all the difference.

C'mon You definitely don't want to fall into the category of the likes of your high school bully, or an estranged husband who in a fit of rage murders his wife, or even the like's of mass murderers like Robert Pickton who murdered over 50 women on his farm and fed their remains to the pigs. Everyone knows that such people are psychologically un-secure if not outright deranged ... They are or usually end up as psychopaths. The initial need for revenge is the flame which ultimately consumes them shooting them down this route.

You are better than that. You are stronger than the baser emotions that are pulling you towards seeking revenge with your ex-girlfriend. You can manage such emotions and get over them with the upper hand.

Now if the cause of this need for revenge is your girlfriend - she is trying to harass you/  ruin your life even though you have broken apart - there are perfectly authentic  legal ways to stop her besides seeking revenge. And remember, if you handle this properly, her harassment of you will only be of short term impact on you. While it is going to consume her own life and make her totally miserable.

 First of all if she is harassing you, it is a very strong indication that she hasn't gotten over it yet, or hasn't gotten anything better in her life to keep her away from you... So she is using the only way she knows how, to get at you. That should be of some consolation to you. You can always use legal channels to deal with harassment issues. Let her know in no uncertain terms that it is over between you. If possible break off contact with her or keep it to a bare minimum.

 Also please note that even though she may have ruined you financially or may still be trying to do so, yet this is no reason for revenge. Approach this issue honestly, and be sure that you will be able to regain all your wealth in no time if you keep your mind open about it... Haven't you read the countless stories of people who lost everything yet went on to regain it all back and much more... just because they had the right mindset or way of thinking about it all.

And if  on the other hand, the reason is that you haven't still gotten over her, you are consumed by  thoughts that drive you crazy all the time. These thoughts occupy every waking moment of your time... sadness, feeling of worthlessness, anger, jealousy, hatred. You feel slighted and need to get even. It is perfectly normal to experience such feelings for a short while after the break up. However don't prolong them or don't let them consume you or drive you into revenge. Lots of good self Hypnosis tools are available on the market to help you get over the emotions of a breakup fast, try using them:

And if you feel that self hypnosis  does not work for you,  that you still  need to get revenge on your ex girl friend. Here is a novel idea:

Figure out what was it that caused your breakup... did your ex girlfriend find something missing from your personality that might have instigated the break up:

  • Perhaps she felt you were not ambitious enough?

  • Perhaps she felt you did not have a magnetic  or charismatic personality?

  • Perhaps she felt that you did not have enough money?

  • Perhaps she felt that you were a lazy, good for nothing looser?

  • Or perhaps she felt you were not honest or even sensitive enough?

  • Or perhaps she felt that you were cheating on her?

  • Or perhaps she felt that you were not exciting enough?

  • or perhaps your breakup was a combination of several factors and you two did not get along with each other.

Well why not develop the missing ingredients, with the tools described below, the change is totally automatic and amazing, because they work:

They are simply the best. At least give them a chance. Do not ignore them lightly if you respect yourself.

If not , then the only option left for you is therapy , because harmful revenge is simply not an option that a normal person like you should even consider. Use your good sense.


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