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Spiritual technique for letting go of a broken relationship

This technique has been tried countless times by various people all over the world.  The healing experienced was nothing short of amazing. It's users experienced intense relief, feelings of deep inner peace and tranquility, compassion and understanding. They were usually able to move on with their lives successfully and get over their relationship problems fast.

The technique is based on the assumption that God energy or God consciousness is universal - It permeates everywhere and is in everything. It is all knowing, all around us and 'inside' us too. And hence we are all spiritually connected through this God Consciousness.

 Even if you don't believe in God, you have to agree that there was an initial creative energy that sparked the creation of the universe by initiating the 'Big Bang' or whatever you believe in. You can refer to this creative force or universal energy if you so wish.

Or if you were to think in terms of quantum physics, according to which everything is energy, you could replace the term 'God consciousness' with 'Energy' or 'Universal Energy'.

How to Let go of a relationship: Now here is the technique of letting go of a relationship: In fact you can use it for healing not only breakups but all kinds of hurtful relationships.

The affirmation for releasing, forgiving and letting go:

"The God consciousness in me now joyfully forgives and releases 'XXXX' and all events relating to our relationship; And the God consciousness in  'XXXX' and all events relating to our relationship now joyfully forgive and release me."

  • In the above affirmation replace 'XXXX' with your partner's name.

  •  Repeat the above affirmation 7 times before falling asleep or going to bed and

  •  7 times first thing after waking up in the morning.

  •  Also repeat it anytime during the day whenever you catch yourself thinking about your ex, or your break up or your relationship issues.

Do the procedure for 7 days at least and then check in with yourself about how you feel the pain and emotions of your break-up. Are the memories still as painful as before? Do you still get agitated, angry or guilty or jealous or feel bad about it in any way whatsoever?

If you still feel the pain or other emotions of your break up, then continue with the affirmations until you feel the difference.

Usually you will feel the difference after only a few days of using that affirmation.

How do you know that you have completely released the emotions of your break-up

You experience relief, a feeling of peace settles over you. You stop feeling agitated or angry or feel any of the other emotions you felt before. Every time you think of those events in your life, you will find that they have lost their hold over you, at most you will feel neutral towards them, or may even view your ex boyfriend or girlfriend with compassion.

Now that you have released all those negative emotions of the breakup from your mind. you find yourself automatically moving positively forward, taking actions and making choices that are more congenial to your life. Have a happy and prosperous life!

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