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Characteristics of Soul Mates / Signs of True Love Are...

  1. Soul Mates Love and respect each other

  2. They have a friendly relationship

  3. Soulmates like spending time with each other

  4. They share at least 50-70 % of common interests

  5. They like doing their mutual interest activity together

  6. Soul Mates also respect each otherís boundaries and need for individuation

  7. They allow each other time and resources to express their individuality

  8. They have a mutual liking for each other

  9. There relationship is not based on control, domination or trying to manipulate one another

  10. They do not wish to control, dominate or manipulate each other

  11. They are honest with each other

  12. They understand each other well

  13. They do not feel the need to influence or impress each other

  14. They help each other to achieve each partner's individual  interests and help them grow.

  15. Their inner most feelings and values match each other at least 70% of the time

  16. Their relationship is more like a strong friendship with love, respect and liking

  17. They feel incomplete one without the other

  18. They feel like the union of one mind and soul with two bodies.

  19. They are not bothered by each otherís physical attributes. Soul mates like each other physically, but the relationship is based more on an understanding at the higher or soul level. Hence they do not feel the need to impress each other by preening, grooming or making fashion statements

  1. They do not feel jealous or hurt or left out if either of them gives a little more attention to a third person, because they know to the depths of their cores that they are meant for each other and care for each other on a higher plane, hence they will always feel incomplete one without the other, this sense of knowing eliminates any fears and jealousies.

  2. Also they give unconditional love to each other.. they do not expect any returns, compliances, or conformities

  3. They can see each other growing physically old together

  4. Their interest in each other does not diminish with time

  5. Their relationship remains ever fresh and green

  6. They simply must be together with each other, without the need to control, manipulate or expect compliance to certain norms

  7. They trust each other and are confident of their mutual liking/love

  8. They always think in terms of each others best interest and not in their own individual best interests

  9. They believe in each other.

  10. They are each otherís best friends.

  11. A third party can never break a soul mate relationship. Because the union is at the mind level.

  12. Soul mates allow each other to grow and experiment with life and living, even if this may involve relationships with other people, because soulmates know that they are the ultimate refuge of the person. Hence soulmates do not feel jealous, heartbroken or deprived if their soul partner temporarily makes out with someone else. They practice unconditional loving, caring and enjoying each others company.

Now that you know the outstanding character traits of soulmates or sign of true love, you can analyze your own relationship to see whether it is based on mutual understanding, trust, love and sharing rather than possessiveness, jealousy, egoism, self centeredness, guilt or other such baser emotions. Remember Physical attraction or sexual passions alone are not enough to keep the fires of your relationship burning for 10, 20 or even 30 years from now.

So the greatest test to check for your relationship compatibility is to imagine yourself growing old together. Can you do that...

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