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How to Regain Trust in a Relationship

You can make your partner regain trust by projecting feelings of trust to the relationship.

What qualities do you feel are missing in your partner, why not shower those qualities upon him /her yourself... for instance if you find he/she is not giving you enough attention... why not start projecting love to this feeling of 'not getting enough attention from your partner'.

 Start enveloping your partner with healthy loving energy. Start projecting love all around you, and enveloping the two of you. Start soothing out the feelings of 'inattention' with positive loving energy, and hence putting  those feelings to rest.

 Very soon, you will either notice your partner start spending more time with you or becoming more attentive to you/ or else you'll reach to the root cause of the problem, of why your partner is holding himself from you or the limitations that are making him behave the way he is, and what you can do about it.

 It all depends on changing your awareness from that of lack to that of love and acceptance of the situation as is without any qualifiers.

Make your partner feel good about him or her self in the relationship.

Go the extra mile in trying to convince him/her of your 'feeling foolish' and 'being sorry' about your past actions that lead to the loss of trust in the first place.

Take extra care of soothing away any suspicions or allay any fears even before they arise. For instance if you are late coming home, call him/her and tell them why you are late, whom you are with, what you are doing, and when you will get home.

Try to keep him/her happy and satisfied in the relationship. Give extra time, attention and care... just like you were doing in the earliest period of your relationship or even better.

Show them that you are really committed to keeping the relationship intact despite of your past mistakes.

It will take great time and effort on your part. Even then  you may have to face some flashbacks of 'lack of trust' from your partner at trying moments in your relationship. But always remember, those are the times that you will have to prove yourself the hardest, to regain lost trust.

And for goodness sake keep away from repeating the mistakes you made earlier. Avoid being with 'potential partners'  for no reason. Don't give cause for concern or fear.

Even then, will you be able to regain trust 100% or all the way.

Probably not. There will always be that inkling of a memory ready to emerge at the slightest provocation. You might well probably have to live with it for the rest of your life.

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