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Dealing With a Lost Love?

Ps: If you are searching for information about how to cope with a lost love due to an unfulfilled love -- You loved someone and did not get any love in return -- Read this article about unconditional love . And if you are wondering how to cope with a lost love due to a break up, you are  advised to read the article below. Or read it anyway... it could be useful information:

You wake up one day and it hits you like a ton of bricks that you have just lost that one  love of your life!
The person whom you think was your only true soul mate... That person you felt totally comfortable with at every moment of life... That person you shared and cared so much about... That person you would have willingly given your life for... well at least figuratively... That person who meant so much to you.

 This realization comes just a tad too late...

When you have already said things that should have been best left unsaid.

When you have already done things that should not have been done.

When you have already broken up ... probably used, and abused and discarded that one person that meant so much to you...

 (or probably you are the victim yourself... and you feel that you have lost that one person that you really loved).

Now when you look back, when that familiar shape and smile and feeling is no longer near...
You suddenly realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to you. You suddenly intensely long and crave for that familiar feeling ... that familiar smile... and wish that things had not changed.

You wish that you had done things differently. You wish that you were together NOW.

You even try to catch a glimpse of your past love in every prospective partner... and you find them lacking in some way or other... You feel oh so incapable of ever loving again?

You feel doomed for life...

Hey Wait! Before we go further, please consider:

"Are you looking back at life with rose tinted glasses?" Where everything appears so beautiful and shiny even though it might not have been so in actual reality?

Or you do really have regrets... and you do really need to deal with the emotional deprivations of a lost love...

Do you really wish to get back with the love of your life...
Do you think it would be fair to that person you so loved? Would your past love really want to forget everything, and get back with you? If Not,

And If you really truly love that person, you need to put him/her first before you think about yourself. You need to practice unconditional love .

 Express your love, forgive and let go. Wish your ex-lover the best in his/her future life. Also forgive yourself for your part in it, and resolve to move on with your life. That is the best you can do for the both of you right now.

 The best way to deal with a lost love is to keep projecting unconditional love and peace to your ex, to yourself and to everyone concerned and to move on with a free remorseless mind full of peace and love.

Here I will suggest a firm and final solution for you : First use Get Over a Lover! self hypnosis... it is an instant download mp3 and you can get started right now if you are really searching for a solution to your problem.

Next step: Use Incredible Self Esteem  to reprogram your mind with the core mental patterns for winners so that you will regain your drive for life, love and self image with healthy self esteem. This will also ensure that you do not limit yourself in anyway due to your past experiences... and that you do not attract the same situations in to your life again.

If you use the above presented solutions, you will notice your response to life will be very different from what it was in the past and you will never ever have to undergo the same emotional conflicts again. Wish you Peace.


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