How to Forget About Your Ex
How to Forget the Past

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 How to Forget About Your Ex...
 You have got to Get Over Your Break Up!

 Stop re-living the past over and over again. Stop the memories. Get over it once and for all.

To understand how to overcome and forget about your ex girlfriend or boyfriend or partner, you need to understand how you are subconsciously  reacting to the trauma of breaking up.      

 The emotional upheaval of breaking up

When a couple breaks up the woman usually behaves like a total victim...  in this state she may scream and rant...   cries, and accuses, and hurls abuses.   She might even get together with some girl friends to share her misfortunes and cry over some sympathetic shoulders. This ranting and raving goes on  until eventually she gets exhausted and  experiences a temporary burn out of emotions.

 This explosive outburst works as a potent breakup recovery therapy by burning out all the dominant  negative emotions from her mind. Her mind is now free to start thinking along more constructive lines... about what to do next and etc. She is well on her way to recovery.

  Though In their violent stages of earth shattering anger, women are the most likely to search for information about 'how to get revenge on their ex boyfriend'

Why man find it difficult to recover from a breakup:

But for the man, traditionally society has created an invincible image of man.  They are programmed to project a  strong and powerful masculine image. They are set up to overcome emotional outbursts by repressing them away...

So even though they may get angry and outwardly show a 'I don't give a damn' or 'I don't care' kind of attitude... Deep down all those repressed emotions have created a very sensitive psyche...

After the 'I don't care' period has dissipated, the man will start feeling remorseful, he may start feeling sorry for himself, He will render himself  incapable of change.

 They start feeling emotionally hurt and will start missing the 'good old days'...

 Man are more likely to be searching for information about 'how to get back with my ex girl friend' or may start feeling jealous about their ex girl friends future relationships... these negative feelings left unchecked could ultimately skyrocket into  violent behavior  towards their ex girl friend or wife.

How to Forget / get over the past

How to get over these natural emotional reactions to break ups for both man and woman is very important... if they hope to lead normal lives in the future... or else all their future actions will be controlled by their past relationship... and neither of them will be able to get very far.

In these days of high tech gadgetry, it's very easy to  forget  and overcome all kinds of problems even emotional ones using the right tools...

If you are suffering from such emotional upheaval, it is very strongly recommended that you erase the negative emotions from your mind and  reprogram your mind with the positive core mental patterns to experience a complete turnaround... Check out the Think Right Now Audio Tapes and CD's  They are absolutely the best for overcoming your negative emotional blocks and reprogramming your mind with positive patterns.

Self Hypnosis also works to help you get over your trauma , With titles like:

Else if You want to go the conventional route of therapy, a whole number of options are available... you need to just check your yellow pages to get a good therapist in your area. Else of course you can go the self help route by reading and applying the multitude of tips and techniques in all the self help books that are teeming in the self Help section of your local library.

Here are some self Help Tips to help you forget your ex...

1. Live in the present moment -- Don't think about the past, Don't think about the future -- Focus on the NOW.

2. Forgive that person. And start projecting your love and gratitude for all the good times you had together.

3. Get active and totally immersed in some activity that exhausts you both physically and emotionally to take your mind off your sorrows .

4. Imagine wiping off your ex's memories from your mind like cleaning a blackboard or turning off a movie screen, and practice it often enough, until your memory of your ex gets dimmed out, and he/she loses his/her power over you.

5. Accept responsibility for all that happened in your life... You are responsible for what happened. You attracted it to yourself. And you can turn around your life anytime you choose just by changing your thoughts. So forgive yourself, and start thinking positively to move on.

6. Meditate and learn to control your emotions and bypass your egoism.

7. If you can successfully implement even one of the above contemporary self help ideas, I can promise you your life will change for the better -- However, Can You really ? - Be honest with yourself  -- That's why, again I will suggest you get the right tools... whichever one feels good to you:

Tools to Help You Forget Your ex Girlfriend or boyfriend fast:


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