How do I start to talk to my Husband

How to talk to my Husband - How do I talk to my Husband


How do I Start to Talk to My Husband

What is your style of talking ... do you as a habit criticize, condemn or complain so often and then wonder why your partner or husband could not sympathize or empathize  with you.

Or do you drone on and on about endless issues in a totally monotonous and uninteresting way, "Oh my God!... here she launches into another one of her trivial details", goes your husband's mind... igniting disgust, or disinterest in your husband, so much so that he finds it convenient to shut out your monologue like the incessant hum of a refrigerator or a computer whirring away in the back ground, for which you know that you just have to block it out like white noise you have to live with.

Try observing your talk for the next few days, you could use the record button on your cell phone to record as soon as you launch into a conversation with your husband. And then replay it later in total privacy. Be prepared to be surprised or even totally disgusted at yourself... Yes, your style of putting across your ideas has got a lot to do with the reason of why you are not able to talk to your husband without the conversation igniting a  fight or being ignored outright. There are several reasons:

If your husband is not entirely a psychotic, narcissistic nut case, who has a controlling personality and does not care very much about your emotional or psychological well being, than either:

  • The way you and your husband communicate may be technically different... for instance you may be a more feeling oriented person while he has a kinesthetic personality or otherwise.

  • You describe too many details he does not find interesting.

  • Your conversation style tends into one of criticizing, condemning or complaining.

  • Your conversation is more self centered than other centered.

  • Your lack of self esteem and co-dependency may be oozing out in your conversations, making you show up as desperately craving his attention, and in this way driving him further away.

  • Or simply that the gap between your and your partner's psychological and emotional makeup is so vast that you have not been able to connect with each other on that level.

There are Five ways you can Talk to Your Husband and make Him Listen to YOu

1. Shock him out of his complacency and make him listen to you - Simple he is expecting you to act and behave in a certain way, the way you do it everyday of your life, why not make a drastic change and behave in a way that is totally unexpected to him. For instance if you are a habitual complainer or criticizer, try changing your song... become  appreciative, and an engaging listener for a change and see what happens. Or you could try making your conversations Funny to make him sit up and notice you.

2. Understand his psychological make up  and then approach him at his own level of understanding. Hence meeting him at his own emotions and feelings and working things out from that point.

3. Ignite his passions and force him into submission How to Drive Your Man Wild!

4. Manipulate his mind to make him do what you want - use methods such as  mind control or  conversational hypnosis.

5. Finally, here is a holistic / spiritual approach to 'how do I start to talk to my husband':

1. Totally dissolve away and release any resentments or grudges that you hold towards your husband in your mind. You might need to forgive him in your mind, you do so using affirmations or if you need help, you can power your mind for forgiveness using  Forgive That Person .

2.  Start projecting love, peace, and blessings towards your husband.

3.  Start thanking God for connecting you with such a wonderful husband.

4.  Start focusing on his good qualities however minor in nature. Magnify them in your mind. View him as a generous, graceful, loving and caring husband.

5.  Visualize all your issues with your husband getting smaller and smaller - shrinking away until they dissolve or disappear completely, leaving a heart full of love, peace and joy in place of the grievances, resentments and grudges.

6.  Start visualizing your husband paying you attention, listening to you, and enjoying your company.

7.  Start visualizing yourself enjoying the relationship, and being filled with total peace, joy and happiness. Visualize yourself talking and laughing with him and notice him enjoying your conversation and paying you full attention.

For the first few days you will have to force yourself into releasing the resentment, projecting love and visualizing a wonderful relationship, you need to turn it into a habit, do this first thing in the morning and just before falling asleep. Repeat for at least 21 to 30 days before you can expect to start seeing results. If you persist in this practice, the results will come in as sure as night follows day.

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