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Getting over the guilt of Cheating - Forgiving Yourself...

 Since you are already feeling remorseful after cheating... This could be a sign that you really feel sorry about hurting your partner or breaking your vows, yet it could also be just a temporary feeling, that is until the next bout of your cheating episode grips you again...

This article is not about analyzing your faults or telling you whether what you did was good or bad. Because good or bad is a relative condition... Yet, if you really want to get over the feeling of remorse or the guilt of cheating, and be done with cheating itself,  you need to go and resolve it at the deepest cellular levels of your self. First understand that your need to cheat may be caused by some inner emotional issues picked up quite unintentionally at a very young age. To give you an insight, here  is an article you may also want to read: Cheating is Just a Symptom.

However, if you think that...

  • Your 'cheating behavior' is not due to unresolved emotional issues lurking to resurface in the deepest recesses of your mind.

  • You are not one to rebound into cheating at the slightest provocation and then come back to your 'partner' feeling sorry and remorseful... only to go out and do it again at a later date.

  •  It was probably just a 'stand alone' episode caused by external excruciating circumstances or 'foolishness'.

  • You are truly sorry or remorseful about it.

  •  You have probably made up with your partner, yet are not able to get over the guilt after cheating

Well then here are a few strategies to help you get over the guilt of cheating on your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner...

1. First understand that you made a mistake or an 'error of judgment'. Anyone can make a mistake. Though it is regrettable yet, there is always a positive side of everything - for instance it has told you where your heart truly lies - Definitely not in the cheating. You are now sure where and with whom you want to be. You want to be on the right side of your relationship.

2. Next forgive yourself for making this stupid error of judgment. Yes, even before you expect your partner to forgive you, you need to forgive yourself. You may repeat the following affirmation out slowly so that only you can hear it :

"Even though I made this mistake, I now deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself"

 or make it even shorter and just affirm: " I now deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself".

Repeat it as often as possible, until you can truly feel the relief of forgiveness.

3. To make sure that you release all guilt and truly forgive yourself, Here is an outline of emotional freedom tapping. You could do it while looking into a mirror any time of the day or anytime you are feeling strongly guilty for cheating. Just follow along the tapping as below:

a. Tap lightly with the four fingers of your right hand on the side / edge of your left hand just below the pinky finger (also known as the karate Chop Point) and repeat the statement: "Even though I  Cheated on my partner, I now deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself" - Repeat the tapping and statement 3 times. This is known as the set up tapping or phrase.

b.  Continue Tapping with your two fingers (fore and middle fingers) , using the phrase: "This cheating on my partner", Three times on each of the following points:

  1.  on the beginning point of your eyebrow at the side of the nose..

  2.  on the end of the eye brow at the side of the eye.

  3. Just below the eye.

  4. Under your nose (the space between your upper lip and nose)

  5. on the middle of your chin (just under the lower lip)

  6. Just under your neck ( the collar bone point, or where the collar button is fixed).

  7. About 4 inches under your arm pit .

  8. On top of the head, or the crown.

( at each of the above points, you are to tap three times while repeating the phrase 'this cheating on my partner')

c. Repeat the above round of tapings, using the same setup phrase "Even though I cheated on my partner, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself", Then continue tapping on the other points with the following statements:

  1. I know I made a silly mistake. (tap on beginning of eyebrow)

  2. I now release all guilt. (tap on side of eye)

  3. Anyone can make a mistake. (tap under the eye)

  4. I have learned my lesson. (tap under the nose)

  5. I now know what I want ( tap in the middle of the chin)

  6. I now forgive myself. ( tap on the collar bone point)

  7. I am now free and relieved. (tap under the arm pit)

  8. I now deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself. ( tap on the crown of the head)

As you continue tapping using the above statements, you will notice your guilt feelings gradually diminishing. You may also notice other feelings coming up, you may  continue tapping them away. [For further information about releasing your emotions using tapping you may visit Gary Craig's website at .] PS: You will have to repeat the above process for 30 days or more until you feel totally free of all unwanted feelings of guilt, etc.

4. Since you now know exactly where you want to be. You can start working towards strengthening your relationship with your partner. Start romancing him or her all over again and make sure they know how sorry you are and how much you love him or her... and how much you want to make this work out.

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