How to Get Attention

How to get attention from Your lover or How to get your husband's /wife's / partner's attention
How to get anyone's attention -- authentic attention getting tactics that work in any situation

How to Get Attention From a Lover / Husband / Partner or anyone worth attracting

There is a famous true story mentioned in one of Dale Carnegie's classics -- this story is centered around the days when ladies lives revolved around home and marriage, and the prospects for getting a decent marriage proposal was based on:

  •  First, on how much wealth they would bring into the marriage;

  •  second on how good looking or beautiful they were.

 Well there was this lady of really moderate looks and even more modest means -- She did not even have the means to be able to indulge in the latest fashions to make herself look beautiful or attractive -- Yet she managed to get 3 really good marriage proposals -- which, in those days, was quite an incredible accomplishment.

So What were her secret tactics for getting attention, and making herself as desirable as honey to bees?

First, she really focused on the other person -- Yes every time a prospective young man was with her, she would ask gentle leading questions about there work, there adventures, there live's etc -- and really listen with total focus and concentration to hear them talk about themselves, about there adventures, about there interests, about there hobbies, about there achievements etc..., she would show so much interest in them and their 'self talk', just asking the right leading questions when needed, that those young men really felt important around her. And at the next social gathering -- those young men would come around seeking her, to tell her about there latest epics -- and soon they were even sharing their deepest secrets, fears and coming to her whenever they needed sympathy-- they would soon start considering her there soul-mate and thence of course the ultimate marriage proposal would follow.

Here is a recap of her How to get attention  tactics:

  1. Focus on the other person. Ask them leading questions about there lives, work etc.

  2. Pay attention, Listen closely.

  3. Make them feel important

  4.  show sympathy, support, encouragement, or even pamper there feelings of self importance.

  5. Make them feel so good about themselves that they want to keep coming back.

On the other hand, there have been true stories where ladies have faked illness, just to get there lover or husband's attention or even gone to extreme lengths --
 For instance there is the true story of the nurse who would trigger an illness in one of her kids every time her husband was away on a business trip and she suspected him of cheating, then she would call him and tell him about how the kid was in hospital, how the ambulance had been called etc... trying to gain his sympathy -- so the poor guy would come rushing back home half crazed out of his mind, possibly feeling guilty about his cheating behavior, and trying to be a good husband for the next few days -- until he could take it no longer or his cheating behavior took over again -- this particular example ultimately resulted in the deaths of the kids--and of course life in Jail for the concerned lady -- and the husband went off and away... free at last.

Now I am sure of one thing... Your motive for trying to get your husband's or lover's attention is more honorable than the selfish thoughts  of just gaining temporary sympathy or a little self attention -- You want lasting attraction, with love and attention forever leading to ultimate happiness, caring and sharing -- Don't you?

So here is a sure fire strategy for How to get your husband's or lover's attention:

  1. Find out what your husband's or lover's interests are and start taking an active interest in the same.

  2. Start making your husband or lover feel important and emotionally comfortable with you.

  3. Do something drastically different -- something your husband or lover would not be expecting of you -- for instance if you are a complainer or fault finder - stop complaining and start complimenting;  put on a happy smiling face even when your husband or partner is expecting or even trying to make you angry or miserable.

  4. Show more energy , enthusiasm and excitement in whatever you two do together;

  5. Turn every situation into a happy, light hearted and fun filled event, and you will surely be a great success.

  6. Remember no one wants to be near a complainer; no one wants to be near an abusive or aggressive person; no one wants to be near a person who is always sad, rude, judgemental, angry or mean. Yet everyone wants to be near a person who is always happy and makes others laugh, someone who listens sympathetically, someone who makes others feel important.

You will require a drastic change in your own attitude, outlook on life and how you view every situation for you to be able to implement the above attention getting strategies -- Yes you first need to feel good about yourself, about your life and about your world -- before you can even begin to have lasting impact on someone else's view of you ...

You can make other people love you only to the extent that you love yourself... By this I don't mean being conceited or have delusional feelings of self importance... yet you need to be able to appreciate yourself, know what is good about yourself, value yourself, and take care of yourself -- only then you will notice a shift in other people's opinion of you and other people will start valuing you just as much.

Now, I am going to suggest a very easy solution for you on How to Get your husband's or lover's attention once and for all...

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I am satisfied that I have done my best in giving you the quality of information you need to turn  your life around. It's now entirely up to you whether you want the happiness that you seek or not. It's your entire life, You decide -- Regain Your Self Respect, Self Confidence & Self Esteem

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