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Getting back at people who may have insulted you, cheated you, bullied you, mistreated you or made your life miserable

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It's Pay Back time -- Ways to Get Revenge

 So it's Pay Back Time! Getting even with people such as your 'friend', your neighbor, your ex, your ex girlfriend, your ex boyfriend, your cheating husband / wife / spouse ...

Revenge is considered to be a pastime of immature minds or people reacting out of angry passion if not outright bullies. These are people who are not able to manage their emotions healthily. They are slaves of their emotions and passions. They often end up hurting themselves further and others if they are not able to handle their emotions maturely. Traditionally serious revenge belonged to the gangster world. Ordinary people who tend to bully others or get satisfaction out of hurting others or have narcissistic personalities are considered to have psychopathic tendencies.

Psychopaths exhibit antisocial behavior and this is considered a personality disorder. If you think that you are tending towards antisocial behavior, you need to get professional help immediately.

Now if you don't consider yourself immature, are not a bully and do not tend toward psychopathic behavior, then I will urge you to take a moment to rethink your reaction to whoever it is that has hurt you so much, that you are bent on revenge.

If the person has treated you criminally, then you need to contact the right authorities and redress your injustice through legal venues. Rushing into revenge will hurt you even more.

If it is your ex, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife who has treated you poorly and hurt your feelings, then you need to re-think your relationship, read the article: How to get Revenge on Someone.

If it is just an immature prank that you are after, then you need to figure out whether that relationship is worth your efforts to prank that person. Though small, silly pranks that do not hurt anyone physically or emotionally or otherwise and just create fun are ok to some extent with friends. Yet sometimes they can fall into the category of 'bullying'.

It is not good to bully or hurt someone in however minor manner. Bullying someone is also criminal. Also since it is difficult to draw a clear cut line between silly jokes and a bullying attitude, it is advisable to behave responsibly in all situations.

For instance, making fun of an over weight classmate at elementary school may sound funny to some, yet it has been known to negatively affect the personality of the person being made fun off, and hence is considered bullying.

Instead of focusing on revenge, it is better to dissociate yourself from people who are hurting your feelings, or redress your issues through the right channels. For instance:

  • If someone is hurting you at school, you can  inform an adult or school authorities and ask for help.

  • If someone is criminally hurting you, you need to inform the right authorities.

  • If it is a relationship issue, you could go into counseling, enter into positive dialogue to resolve the matter or consider leaving the relationship.

Considering revenge is not a healthy option.

Tools to help you get over the Need for Revenge:


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