Coping With a Break Up
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Coping With a Break Up - Letting Go After a Break Up...

Coping with a break up ?... your spouse / partner or lover has recently left you or your relationship is falling apart and you are dealing with a break up... This will be an emotionally heart wrenching time for you and you need realistic strategies that work  to help you get over this breakup as soon as possible and move on with your life...

If you are coping with a break up, it is normal to experience negative feelings or emotions. Even though you have broken up and moved apart physically or legally yet, you still do need to breakup emotionally. Your emotions are held hostage by your recent 'ex' and the relationship you had together. You may be experiencing:

  • Hatred,

  • Jealousy

  •  Anger

  • Rage and the need for revenge,

  •  Depression,

  •  Loathing or hating yourself ,

  • Feeling inadequate or incapable of holding a relationship,

  • Feeling  guilty for not having tried harder.

  •  Helplessness.

  •  Loneliness.

  • Shamefulness or loss of face.

  • Feeling unable to survive or live without your ex- break up partner.

  • Feeling Suicidal or even worse.

Such negative emotions and self talk, if left unchecked will keep on multiplying and gaining momentum until like a tornado... they  take over your mind, suck your energy, burn the living daylights out of you, consume you totally and really leave you drained out and incapable of living a happy, healthy life ever again. In effect your breakup has taken over your mind and your life.

  You absolutely need to dissolve and dissipate such negative thoughts and feelings immediately. Letting go or breaking up emotionally is essential for you to be able to move on normally with your life.

Coping With a Break Up - Emotional Healing After Breakups -- Dealing With the Emotions of Breakup or Divorce --   Breakup Survival Strategies that work every time :

  • Practice forgiveness...

    • Forgive your ex spouse or partner... repeat out loud your partner's/spouse name and say " ' Name' I forgive you"... repeat this exercise as many times in a day as you feel negative thoughts floating into your mind.

    • Forgive Yourself... Repeat "'Your Name' I forgive you and love you completely"

    • You could also Use Self Hypnosis to Forgive That Person .

  • Visualize your ex-spouse or partner as a great big ugly cancer or dragon and see yourself slaying this dragon, ripping the beast apart and throwing it to the wolves. Or visualize yourself crumpling up your ex like a worthless piece of paper and throwing it away on a yucky pile of slime and trash. Visualize your ex powerless over you.

  • Repeat the affirmation "I believe in myself completely. I have the Power". Repeat it as many times as you can daily.

  • Start thinking positive thoughts and start planning your life ahead with enthusiasm and excitement . Visualize good things happening to you.

  • Disrupt all negative self talk as soon as you notice it creeping up into your mind using any of the techniques above.

  • Start projecting peace and love to everything and everyone around you and to everyone you have ever encountered in your life... This will help you to overcome negative emotions.

  • On the more practical side of things start exercising or walking regularly and take good care of yourself. You deserve it.

  • Start planning and developing goals you want to accomplish, things you want to do, places you want to see, people you want to meet. Write down a list this will help you get started.

  • If you feel you need counseling or therapy to help you eliminate the negative thoughts or emotions,  stress and anxiety... try using tapes and cd's as a much cheaper and more effective strategy:

Tools for dealing with Emotional Issues due to a break up and to help You re-build Your LIfe:














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