How To Cope With a Cheating Spouse / Partner
Coping With Cheating
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How to Cope With Cheating 
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How To Cope With a Cheating Spouse / Partner

Okay You have found out that your husband / wife / spouse / partner is cheating... How do you react to this information?

Yes... you are devastated, shell shocked, unable to comprehend why this has happened.

Yes, you are totally angry and can't think clearly. After all how dare your spouse / partner / lover cheat on you?

Yes... the blood is rushing to your head as adrenaline pumps up your system. You are hurting badly as you imagine your 'beloved' in someone else's arms probably even jeering at you! Oh the shame. Oh the humiliation! How dare he / she treat you like that?

Now is the time to take a deep breath. Yes take a step back, think clearly and show that you are superior in mind to anyone else... Don't you know that you can still come out on top of this situation and have the upper hand after all is said and done... just the way you want it.

Instead of reacting wildly by confronting, expressing anger, jealousy, hatred or fighting, instead of planning revenge, now is the time to take a little breathing space... some quite time to assess your  true inner feelings...

  • Do you really love your wife/ husband / partner even though he / she has been cheating behind your back?

  • Do You want to continue in this relationship?

  • Do you want to keep your family intact?

  • Do you love your partner enough to be able to forgive and forget?

How have you driven your loving wife/ husband / partner into going outside the relationship to find fulfillment through cheeting?

  • Have you been giving adequate attention or have other matters taken priority over time?

  • Have you been expressing love and sharing your life intimately with your partner?

  • Have you been appreciating your wife's / husband's contribution to the relationship?

  • Is your relationship based on mutual respect and understanding?

  • Have you had adequate communication in your relationship?

  • Have you been taking the relationship for granted and trying to control, push and do what matters to you alone?

  • Have you really been listening to what your partner may have been trying to tell you ?

Remember you need to accept responsibility for this situation... your spouse / partner is not entirely responsible... You have played your part too . Though this may not be very clear to you right now. Here you need to refer to the universal law of attraction which states that you attract what you give out. So how have you attracted this situation of a cheating spouse into your life?

After you have really analyzed your feelings and really accepted responsibility for your part in it. Then it is time to have a level headed discussion with your partner. You need to keep mutual respect and understanding in view all the time...

Do not try to control , react in anger or hatred. Really talk, listen and pay attention. Mutual respect and sympathetic understanding is the key here.

Points to discuss are:

  • What really happened?

  • Do both of you want to continue with each other or not ?

  • What changes can be made in both of your behaviors to avoid a repetition of cheating?

Remember adequate communication can resolve and avoid any issues.

After you have really analyzed your feelings and really accepted responsibility for your part in it. Then it is time to have a level headed discussion with your partner. You need to keep mutual respect and understanding in view all the time...


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