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How to Deal With Cheating - Cheating is Just a Symptom

Yes, cheating is just  a symptom - a symptom of the deep seated emotional, psychological, or social problems that the cheating partner in a relationship is facing and every symptom has a cure... Read on.

Cheating is not only an indication of psychological problems in the cheating partner, but also a strong indicator of problems in the non cheating partner as well. As here the question arises, how is the non cheating partners behavior enforcing the cheater in the relationship. Is the attitude of the non cheating partner somehow triggering the already deep seated insecurities in their cheating partner?

There is a first time for everything - even cheating. And as with every first time, there are a lots of ifs and buts and 'fear of doing something different' that a person has to overcome. Cheating happens only when his or her emotional state has reached the peak  point of having overcome all the fears and objections that could possibly have held him or her back from stepping into an 'unknown situation'.

 Though cheating is often not planned or premeditated beforehand consciously. However our subconscious mind keeps working in the background and  has reached a 'threshold'.  Once that point has been crossed than of course there is no  easy pulling back.

 Even though actual cheating may happen or appear as a spontaneous event just because the 'perfect circumstances' simply materialized... However a deep seated 'emotional or psychological need' is being fulfilled in that moment and that is why it is considered  perfect by the emotions.

So even though the first cheating episode may appear like it was a 'got carried away' situation... Yet it was an event waiting to happen.  There was an insecure need waiting to surface, already present in that person who got so carried away in the moment.

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However it is a fact that The reasons for NOT cheating were not compelling enough :

  • The original intimacy or passion had almost disappeared or worn away from the relationship.

  • The cheating partner did not feel appreciated or even accepted.

  • The element of trust in the relationship had frittered down to very low.

  • Honest communication was almost non existent - what was present was either outright avoidance / dismissal, or arguments, disagreements or even loud fights. The two partners did not see eye-to-eye and did not handle their discussions maturely.

  • The common goals or interests of the two partners in the relationship were grossly diverging.

  • The self image and self confidence of the non cheating partner or even both the partners was falling fast.

  • The expectations, suspicions or jealousy of the non cheating partner simply triggered the event.

In such a situation, the person who already has deep seated insecurities lurking around in his/her mind waiting to explode,  unconsciously starts feeling like a caged victim looking for an outlet... and simply gets carried away with the flow of emotions  into the world of cheating to "maintain his / her sanity or gain sympathy, appreciation, understanding and passion or excitement" from outside the relationship.

If both the partners in a relationship really want to overcome cheating and bring their relationship back to the original footing or even better, they first have to resolve the deep seated issues that are lurking in both minds. This does not mean going for repetitive expensive therapy sessions or counseling. Though it does need a strong commitment from both their ends to win in their relationship and then the  use of the right self help tools.

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