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What are the Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse

There are so many different lists claiming to reveal the telltale signs of a cheating spouse that it is hard to know what to believe. More importantly, the problem with providing such lists is that any specific behavior is always open to more than one interpretation. For instance, does your spouse’s sudden wardrobe change indicate a cheating heart or the desire to get the next promotion at work? In reality, the real reason underlying any behavior is usually difficult to determine. 
And to make matters more complicated, the lists that have been produced typically employ a shot-gun approach. That is, identify every possible “sign of cheating” that could exist and create a laundry list of cues. Such lists tend to overwhelm a suspicious spouse, leaving him or her in a more heightened state of anxiety. 
What is often missing from these lists is some thought or consideration about how our intimate relationships work. With a little work, it is possible to draw upon research on romantic relationships and create different lists of cues all tailored to different circumstances. In other words, based on what we know about relational dynamics, what types of cues are more
likely to emerge in different types of relationships? For example, what types of cues are likely to emerge when you spouse is having an emotional affair versus when you spouse is considering leaving you? 


By analyzing the cues that have been identified we have created five different sets of cues that are likely to emerge in different types of situations.

Sexual Infidelity Only - No emotional Involvement

A few possible warning signs:

* Unexplained discovery or loss of clothing items
* Unaccounted for loss of time
* Unaccounted for use of contraceptives or ED meds

Polite Disengagement – Spouse is relatively happy with your relationship, but more in love with someone else, and he/she is considering leaving you.

A few possible warning signs:

* Less excitement to see you
* May seem reluctant to make future commitments
* Noticeably polite and courteous
* Less talk or sharing of feelings
* Less passionate sex

Hostile Disengagement – Spouse is unhappy with your relationship, more in love with someone else, and he/she is considering leaving you.

A few possible warning signs:

* More critical, hostile, and angry
* May refuse to have sex
* More conflict over money, finances
* Refuses to make future commitments
* Disinterest in things around the house

Confused Engagement – Spouse is equally in love with you and someone else and he/she does not know what to do.

A few possible warning signs:

* Drastic mood swings
* Exaggerated displays of affection followed by quiet periods
* Sex may be more emotional and intense
* May seem distracted, caught day dreaming
* Sudden change in interests and habits

Feeling Trapped – Spouse is in love with someone else but feels that he/she cannot leave you.

A few possible warning signs:

* May seem annoyed, frustrated
* Does own thing with little concern or regard for you
* Sudden need for space, privacy
* Erratic changes in work schedule
* May miss or cancel events planned with you

Again, it is helpful to point out that even these more targeted signs of cheating are not without their problems. Warning signs of cheating should not be confused with proof of infidelity.

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