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 How to Confront a Cheating Wife / Husband / Spouse - Confronting a Cheating Spouse


Dealing With Confrontation in Cheating - How to Approach a Cheating Spouse

Never confront your cheating wife or partner without solid evidence of cheating - without solid evidence, your cheating spouse is going to react by:

  • Total denial -- simply refusing to accept your accusations or allegations of having being cheating on you;

  • He / she will act outraged at you for having suggested such a thing ;

  •  He / she may in turn accuse you of cheating , lying or even stealing;

  • Your cheating wife or husband will start acting  like a victim of wrongful accusations or even marital violence -- may start crying or acting angry trying to become manipulative of your emotions;

  •  He/she will accuse you of being suspicious, jealous, spying on them, making them feel like someone is watching them or stalking them all the time, making them feel miserable or vulnerable;

  • He / she will accuse you of bringing discord into the relationship by creating lack of trust;

  •  And now since you have already warned them of your  suspicions about cheating, your wife, husband or partner is going to move fast to destroy the cheating evidence and cover up their tracks. So it will be hard to prove.

What's more, your premature confrontation  will not stop the cheating behavior -- if anything, it will make them more careful to not leave any clues behind. And your husband/ wife will start finding fault with you or wrongfully picking on you or taunting you at even the slightest issue. Your cheating wife or husband or partner will start making your life miserable through emotional or psychological abusive manipulations.

How to Confront a Cheating Spouse -- At this stage, if you really feel you need to talk to your spouse about his / her  cheating on you, here is how to approach it:

 At the end of the day when both of you are relaxing or having a light conversation in the privacy  of  your own home, and when your partner least expects it,  totally casually say something like (make sure to use your own friend's/ co-worker's  particulars -- be sure that your husband/wife does not know this person well):

"Hey, do you know Jake - at my work - his girlfriend is cheating on him. Poor guy he is devastated. He was asking me for advice on how to handle her cheating behavior. What do you think I should tell him?"

Then watch your partner's reaction closely.

If he/she is innocent -- he /she will want to talk more about this fictitious  cheating story about 'Jake' -- may ask questions -- want to know more-- and may even give some honest advise about how 'Jake' can deal with cheating. With questions like: "Oh really, how does he know for sure she is cheating."

On the other hand, if your wife/husband or lover is guilty of being a cheat ;

  • His/her  heart is going to 'miss a beat' at the mere mention of the word 'cheating'... this will show up as a 'drop in facial expression or paling of the face'... You are going to notice it.

  •  And it may be followed by: "Honey, Why do we need to get involved in other people's lives" -- There may be a total reluctance to discuss the issue of cheating any further,

  •  He / she may avoid eye contact with you or look away quickly --

  •  Or your husband or wife might get angry or excited and he / she may become frigid and avoid any further intimacy with you at that time.

But what if your husband , wife or partner are good at hiding their emotions -- they are able to maintain a 'straight face' or appear 'unruffled' in all kinds of situations -- in this case, you will simply be raising a red flag in his/her mind that you know that he /she is cheating on you. -- this may make them more careful in the future -- and make it difficult for you to catch him or her.

So it's best to find the cheating evidence first.
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