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How to cope with a broken heart? Why is your heart broken...

 Is it because your beloved or the person you think you love has decided to give you the cold shoulder just like that or in favour of someone else you absolutely hate or are jealous of?

Well then be aware that its not love that is causing your heartbreak... it is your misguided overblown, bigger than your boots ego that is causing this indescribable havoc.

For if it were true love...
 It would be unconditional. Just like Romeo and Julietís; Samson and Delilahís, Sassi and Pannuís or the countless other love legends that have crossed the deserts of love, swam across deep lakes on pots turned upside down to meet their beloved secretly without any concern for their own safety, crossed all boundaries imposed by class, society, culture, religion or beliefs... irrespective of external conditions, lacks, limitations and attachments.

Tip: To Deal with a heart break  First Answer the Question -- Do You Love Yourself ? -- For You will be loved only to the extent you love yourself -- Discover the perfect solution for how to deal with a heart break at the end of this article.


Yes, if it were true love,

  • You would not be bothered by the actions of your beloved

  • You would not be hurt by any external factors

  • True love is above all base and sexual considerations

  • It is free of any strings and attachments from your end

So if you really love that person, you should not be experiencing any heartbreaks, and if you are, than know that it is not really love... it is simply a fleeting feeling which would have dissipated slowly anyway given the right amount of time and exposure to your beloved, because :

Your ego would have been turned down a notch at every real or imagined slight, action or attitude that did not identify with your ego's personal limits, definitions and beliefs...

  •  It could be as simple as a raised voice

  • A bout of laughter that your ego might feel was uncalled for and feel hurt or

  •  A reaction to some action of yours

  • A very casual like or dislike of even un-animate objects if it was to differ from yours

  • any behaviour that did not reinforce or justify your own beliefs.

In fact it could be absolutely anything that your ego decided to interpret in a different light than your belovedís perspective of it...

Thatís why people who have had very sensual or even tempestuous love affairs tend to fall out of this misguided feeling they called love very very easily...

 It may take just a few days, a few years, a few months... just long enough for the novelty and shine to wear off. If you donít believe me then just go check statistics on divorce and split relationships that are multiplying at a very fast pace even as we speak.

 Oh my God! I have seen couples who were so 'deeply in love' that one of them almost committed suicide just because of a strong objection from their family to that union. And later... that same person could not stand even the presence of her Ďbelovedí. This happened after several years of blissful marriage and two beautiful children. Ultimately ending in a very long drawn out and painful divorce... as it always does.

I can give you several more real life examples, I am sure you might know such people yourself, or may even have experienced it first hand.

First you couldn't live without each other and fought heatedly against anyone who had even the slightest objection to your relationship... and then you hate each others guts, or even can't stand to see one another happy... you may even consider each other 'jerks', losers or 'bastards' and may even go to great lengths to hurt or make things difficult for your 'ex'.

Why does this happen?
 Because it was not love all along. It was a very head strong ego chained and blocked by her own limiting beliefs and attitudes of right and wrong.

So my friend falling in and out of love is very common...

Before you make any major decisions... commit to a love relationship, or feel deprived of, cheated out of a relationship...

  •  Instead of looking for a way to cope with a broken heart / healing a broken heart

  •  Instead of suffering and going through hurtful, angry thoughts

  • Instead of being jealous or angry

  • Instead of wasting away thinking to ways to 'get back' or 'teach a lesson'

  • Just take a few moments and think...

Was/Is it really love... unconditional love?

Or were / are you sticking to it to pamper certain feelings, impress your family and friends, or due to certain limiting beliefs you have/had about it?

Was it truly love or is it your ego speaking... that you canít let go of it?

  • Why are you hurt and angry?

  • What are the real reasons behind your hurt and anger?

  • Canít you forgive and forget?

  • Is it really love?

Here's How to Deal With a broken Heart -- Stop. Think. Forgive. And Let go from the greatness of your heart.
Donít let your misguided ego hurt you any further.

Here are some affirmations for dealing with a  broken heart. Repeat them morning noon and night:

Healing a Broken Heart -- How to Deal with a Heart Break -- Affirmations to repair a hurt ego or broken heart -- Dealing With a Broken Heart

  • I hereby forgive my (insert lovers name) and give unconditional love

  • I hereby forgive my competitor (insert name) and give unconditional love

  • I hereby forgive myself and dissolve all negative feelings about this relationship

  • I hereby dissolve my misguided ego and all feelings of hurt, anger and jealousy

  • I am now totally free , happy, confident and successful

  • I now give unconditional love to all and to myself

  • I am now living my life freely, happily and in total abundance

And if you think you still need further help then check out the resources highlighted on this page... for what have you got to loose that you havenít already lost?

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