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How to Cope With a Relationship BreakUp, Separation or Betrayal
Free Relationship Break up Advice - How to Cope if Someone You Intensely Care About Cheats on You or Abandons You
  How to Get Over a  Painful Break up


How to Cope with Breaking Up...

This may be your girl/boy friend or husband/wife/partner or even a very close friend. One day you may find them very close to you and almost the next day you discover they have left you for another, maybe even cleaned you out financially or may have been cheating you and laughing behind your back for ages.  This break up or separation may have a profound impact on you. You feel betrayed. At a total loss and extremely raw and hurtful.

" Tracy discovered that her spouse is cheating on her. She was devastated. She got so stressed out that she lost 40 pounds in two months!"

Yes... you will be devastated, shocked, unable to comprehend why this happened:

  •  Why oh why did it go this way?

  •  What did you do wrong?

  •  You were so selfless in giving yourself?

  •  Did you not do enough?

Rage will take over, anger, then jealousy of that other person.

You will want revenge...

Or self doubts may come creeping in, you were not good enough for him/her, you were incompetent , you are a looser...

Or maybe even shame, how could you have been so gullible? what will your friends say, you will become a total laughing stock, you were ditched oh boy...

" Kathy had to cope with the irony and heart break of a breakup on Valentines day;
 Jim battled to make sense of  the ugly truth of a Cheating Wife; "

Hey, STOP! Take charge before you loose control. Here is how to cope with painful relationship break ups:

1. Yes there will definitely be a period of intense shock, anger, hatred, jealousy, self doubts etc. Maybe even total disorientation and re-adjustments. Remember by letting your emotions control you are allowing the final triumph to your ‘opponent’. So don’t let this period of heightened emotions last more than 3 days. 

2. Don’t feed on these emotions to sustain them. Just like you would very willingly go under a surgeons knife to cut off a cancerous growth, treat this situation like a cancer. Say you have just got a confirmation from your doctor that you have cancer. And you must get out from under it’s influence as fast as you can. So you can first sit down and cry, scream or rant then let it sink in. Accept the fact and then concentrate on the healing process. Let it go.

3. Ok Get this straight. Something definitely went wrong in that relationship, but first thing first... You are not the cause of it. Period.

4. Don’t waste your energies and remaining finances in ‘getting back at him’ or getting revenge. It’s better for you this way. Let this abusive, unappreciative person go. Nature works in it’s own ways. The world is full of excellent people, and this is it’s way of enabling you reach someone more appreciative of you.

   " Dave desperately wanted to reverse time and get back with the love of his life;   For Kim the only answer was  bitter Divorce;   Yet Gina wanted to save her Failing Marriage… "

5. First take stalk of your situation. What do you need to do to get back in control? How do you recoup your losses? Talk to someone you trust. Do you need to talk to your lawyer?

6. Next you may need a change of ‘scene’ doing something totally different from what you used to do together. Can you take a few days ‘change of scene’ vacation and go somewhere else or do something totally different.

7. Concentrate on building up your life and start the healing process. Remember the world is huge, beautiful and full of surprises. This is a ‘re-birth’ for you – a chance to start over again and make something better. Remember it’s not your loss, it’s a gain – a bonus from nature to escape from a relationship that was not going anywhere. So make the exit gracefully and positively and make a grand entrée in to your new life. People are going to respect you for it.

How to Get Over a Painful Breakup...

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