How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend
Breaking up with a Boy


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How to Break up with Your Boy Friend

Some times a girl just needs to breakup with her boyfriend --

  •  You may be facing emotional burnout in the relationship;

  •  you might have gotten over the initial sweet side of the relationship and the flaws in your boyfriend might be glaring more and more in the face every day... showing you that you made a mistake, and now you need to rectify it;

  •  or your boy friend might be taking you too much for granted and making unrealistic demands;

  •  or he might have turned abusive;

  •  or might be proving irresponsible --

  •  or you might have found someone more appealing to your 'taste buds' --

or whatever the reason, you just know that you need to breakup with your boy friend. The simplest way to do is to come outright with it and tell him so to his face.

-- though of course to break up gracefully, there are a few essentials you have to communicate to him:

  • Let him know that You will not be calling or seeing him again.

  • A possible reason (say you are moving on or have developed other interests)

  • Thank him for your time together and wish him well and hope that he will find someone even better.

If you feel that he might try to stop you, then invite him to a public place, tell him your message, and leave, keeping it short and simple. You might take a friend along for this meeting who sits a little further away to give you some privacy, and will step in only if the meeting turns ugly.

If you feel that it is simply not possible to face your boyfriend outright, then you can send him a break up note through email or a letter and leave.

If you feel powerless and unable to initiate the move to break up , here are some self hypnosis MP3's that might be able to work for you: Dump Them Now! ;Get Over a Lover! ; No More Ms Doormat!

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