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Signs of a Breakup

By Elliot Beers

We have all heard the saying that “breaking up is hard to do”. While this can be true, there are several signs that can help you predict when a potential breakup is about to take place. Recognizing these indicators will allow you to prepare for a breakup, and perhaps even save the relationship before it crumbles.  Here are five warning signs of a breakup.
Distant Behavior.  This is the most common behavior associated with relationship troubles.  In this phase your partner suddenly becomes quiet and disengaged in your presence.  They offer very little substance to your communication, and you find yourself struggling to maintain dialogue.  Frequent uses of apathetic statements like “I don’t care” and “I don’t know” are indicators that they are going out of their way to avoid conversation.
Avoidance.  Nothing is worse than being pushed away from a loved one, yet this is a common tactic used in breakups. Ignoring phone calls, working longer hours, and spending more time with friends are all indicators that you are being avoided.  Unfortunately, this behavior can often lead to more devious behavior such as lying and cheating.
Confrontation.  Another sign of a pending breakup is the display of confrontational behavior.  You may experience that your partner challenges you on everything you say, or argues about the most trivial of problems.  This strategy is used to create the illusion that you are incompatible as a couple.  It can leave you feeling as if everything is your fault, when actually you have done nothing wrong.
Disappearing Friends.  Sometimes the clues that things are not going well are found in the shared social network of you and your partner.  You may find that good friends begin to ignore you, as they have chosen to side with your partner.  This can even bleed into family members.  Perhaps you considered yourself close with your partner’s mother, but now she barely speaks to you.  This is a bad sign that discussions about your relationship are being held behind your back.
Threats and Ultimatums.   Threatening behavior is not always physical.  In fact, some people use verbal threats to manipulate others.  Breakup threats used to make you feel uncomfortable in your relationship and second-guess yourself.  Ultimatums on the other hand are specific conditions communicated by your partner that must occur in order to prevent a breakup.  Both of these tactics take advantage of your fear of rejection to exploit you.
In most instances of failing relationships, multiple examples of these behaviors can be found.  Typically the unhappy partner will do anything they can to create tension and confusion within the relationship.  Those who fall victim to the manipulation often wonder why the aggressor simply doesn’t break up with them if they are unhappy.  The answer to this mystery revolves around accountability.  For whatever reason, the aggressor does not want the responsibility of ending things.  They would rather make your life so miserable that you have little choice but to
breakup with them.  It is how you deal with this situation that determines how things will end.  For strategies on how to save a troubled relationship, visit

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