Rebuilding Self Esteem After a Break Up

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How to get over a break up - Rebuilding Self Esteem

When a person is exposed to the trauma of a break up - a break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or even a marriage breakup - this can be a time of extreme emotional upheavals - You are suddenly immersed in major drama  of cheating, lying, deception, betrayal, anger, jealousy, suspicion, guilt . Here you have to cope not only with the pain and anger of those emotions, at the same time you are forcefully pushed towards  major life changing transitional decisions.  A persons self image, self worth takes a massive battering and may shatter in to millions of  smithereens..

 Picking yourself up, dusting off and moving on can be an almost impossible feat if you have to cope with the added  loss of your self worth as well. Survival at this stage of your life requires the presence of all your faculties...

  • For so long, you had been relying on someone to share problems, and help you make major decisions, now you are suddenly all on your own.

  •  You may be moving out / forced out of what had been your home for so long;

  •  You may be back in the employment line or might even be forced to leave your current job and find something else;

  •  You might be faced with the custodial issues of any children;

  • A financial crisis may be looming in your face...

These are big changes in your life, in addition you still have to cope with the pain and trauma of the break up...

 You simply need to have your self esteem back before you can square your shoulders and stand up on stage to face the world once again. If you are not able to resolve your own very personal conflicts before you go on and start applying for those jobs, or fighting those custodial battles, or talking to lawyers, You will not be able to present your case convincingly or even come across as a very responsible or capable person. In fact, you may be jeopardizing your own chances of success. Do not leave anything to chance.

Right now I want you to go to a mirror, Look into your very own eyes and say with conviction:

  • "Even though I have had this break up, I totally and completely accept myself"

  • "Even though I have had this break up, I  am totally and completely  at peace with myself"

  • "Even though I have had this break up, I  totally and completely believe in myself"

If you can couple these statements with EFT tapping, you will get even better results in resolving your issues of self esteem and self worth. Even though a discussion of the actual EFT tapping procedure is beyond the scope of this article, you can find really good videos posted on 'You Tube' by various experts, you can use these as a guide to follow along with the tapping procedure.

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