How to Stop Thinking of Someone After You Break Up

How to Get Rid of the Breakup memory or mind chatter after break-up















How to stop thinking of someone after You break up

 If you are finding it difficult to get over your break up , you are resisting / and that's why emotionally or psychologically you are still stuck in your break up. The areas you may be resisting in :

  • You are trying to get even with your partner.

  • in your mind You are trying to prevent the break up, even though its already over.

  • Or you are trying to patch things up and get back together.

  • Or even worse you are trying to justify all your roles and actions leading to the breakup

 One or more of the above issues are keeping the flame alive in your mind consciously or subconsciously. If you pay just a little attention to your mind chatter... those subroutines  that are playing around in your mind continuously... Every waking moment you find yourself falling into those very same thoughts.

 You will discover that your mind chatter is grounded in one central theme... You could be playing or replaying ideas of revenge, or getting even with your ex or your ex's 'other partner'; Or you could be justifying your position in the breakup i.e. caught up in a cycle of guilt and regrets; Or you could be plotting ways to get back together with your ex.

What ever the theme, it is all because you are resisting the break up and what you resist persists. The moment you stop resisting your break up and accept it, you will instantly experience a 'great load' being lifted off your mind... It will be an intensely liberating moment.

So the first step in overcoming your breakup, is to accept the fact totally and unconditionally. Stop Resisting Your break up

Even though your break up may have been extremely traumatic and painful, remember it is the experiences in ones life that mold and shape a personality and allow you to move forward. So Draw upon the strengths of your breakup. Instead of turning into one angry bitter person, let your break up bring out the beautiful inner qualities that you truly possess. Let the suffering bring out an attitude of compassion. Feel the compassion for your ex and anyone else associated with your break up. Replace your debilitating mind chatter with feelings of compassion and very soon you will be able to get rid of the negative mind chatter regarding your break-up altogether.

One practical way to stop thinking of someone after you break up is to immerse yourself into some work that engages both your mind , body and soul... It engages you both physically and mentally... So that at the end of the day , you are too exhausted to think of anything except fall asleep instantly. If you can keep this level of activity up for a few weeks ... you will find that the feelings and memory for that special someone with whom you broke up , start fading away with time... Until they loose any tangible hold over you.

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