How to Break Up Gently...
Breaking up with a girl friend/ boy friend/ partner... do it gently




 Breakup / Cheating / Revenge:

How to Breakup with a Girl /Boy / Partner Gently ...

If you have made up your mind to break up with your present girl or boy friend or partner… you have probably given it a lot of thought and have got good solid reasons behind the why you want to breakup.

  While respecting your feelings and decision, you are advised to also consider the emotional feelings of your boy/ girl / partner… Don’t just leave them high and dry… hitting them smack in the face with your decision to no longer associate with him/her… Be kind.

 Though of course talking about a breakup and trying to make your partner see logic and be reasonable about it can be a formidable task.

 Here is one proposed method for breaking up gently without causing emotional  heart break to yourself or to your partner:

  1. Give yourself time… At least a month or more before you plan on moving out of your partners / girl/ boys life… boost yourself as well as your girl/boy friend/partner with strong self esteem… Get these Incredible Self Esteem  tapes and listen to them everyday , as well as make your partner listen to them too.

  2. When you feel that now your partner will be able to handle the news of the breakup… Don’t announce it in the home front… Take them out some place where you can have some privacy but not too much of it… and tell them about your decision.

  3. Explain yourself… Tell him/her that you respect him/her, find them very intelligent and good to be with, but you are finding your feelings with him/her tending more towards the friendship side rather than the relationship side of things. Hence you need to move on and cannot continue in this relationship anymore.

  4. If your partner tries to cry or make a scene about it… Just tell them that you are sorry, and hope that he/she will feel better after thinking it over, it is in the best interest for both of you… say good bye and leave.

  5. If your partner tries to argue with you logically, then explain yourself further, say it is for the best, wish him/her good luck and tell them you must get going. And leave.

  6. Keep the parting short… Though there might be some hard initial feelings on both sides, but due to the Incredible Self Esteem boost.. both yourself and your girl/ boy / partner will soon get on with your lives.

  7. If you do not get to use the  Incredible Self Esteem before your break up -- Other Products both of you could try afterwords to get over this break up and get on with your individual lives are: Get Over a Lover! or Forgive That Person Self Hypnosis .









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