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How to Breakup a Couple

If you are one of those who is searching for information about how to break up a couple or for spells to break up a couple in a relationship, before I tell you how to do it. I have a question for you: Why do you want to break up a couple ?

  1. Either you are a mom who wants to break up her girl or boys relationship just because you think that his or her girl friend or boyfriend is not good enough for him/her

  2. or you might be an irate husband or wife or lover who has just discovered that your partner is cheating on you and you want to breakup that relationship because you want your husband / wife / lover back in your own arms where you think he/she belongs.

  3.  or you are a jealous person stuck in a 'love' or relationship triangle and hence you cannot stand that couple being together.

Now if you are case1 - a Mom who 'wants the best for her son or daughter' -

 My advice for you mom is : Although you have every right to protect your son or daughter's interest, please Mom, Don't be a control freak. Here is what you should do.

  • first get very clear on why you think that the relationship is not right. Write down all your reasons - make a list of why you need to break up that couple.

  • Second get your son or daughter alone on a lunch date somewhere quite, and very gently explain all your reasons to him/her.

  • Finally respect your son or daughters decision. After all he / she is an adult and very capable of living their own life.

So Please don't turn in to a control freak.... go get a life of your own. Possibly you are stuck in some cycles of 'self preservation' or feeling 'threatened' by your kid's relationship or experiencing a 'fear of loss' ... Listen to some self esteem tapes, they will help you get over your insecurities.

If you are a case 2 ... a husband or wife or lover who has discovered that your partner is cheating on you,

Hence motivated by a need for preservation of your own relationship you need to break up his/her cheating relationship. Here your reasons for breaking up that couple are very strong and I fully respect you for having them. Here are a few considerations for you too:

  • Its obvious that You already know that your partner is cheating, and still you have made up your mind to save your relationship, make up and continue.

  • it is also obvious that the break down in your relationship happened slowly over a period of time with a slow progressive 'collapse' in  relationship / communication between the two of you.

  • Just breaking up the couple will not work for you, there will always be 'others'. You need to seriously work on your relationship itself if you really want to save it. Use any of the following whichever is applicable to you:  Save My Marriage TodayGet Your ex Girl Friend Back!   or
     Get Your Guy Back even When it seems hopeless!

Finally if you are a case 3: a person hopelessly stuck in a love triangle :

Oh, you so want to tear apart that couple... You want them to break up , separate and start hating each other forever! Possibly you can't see either of them happy together. You are consumed with hatred or jealousy.

Whatever your reasons,  it is a 'social crime' to break up a blissful happy relationship or to tear 'two hearts' apart.

You are definitely a very jealous, angry person full of spite and hatred... these emotions are buried deep down in your mind, making you emotionally unbalanced -- You are not in control of your life -- And never will be unless if you get rid of your spiteful feelings.

Even after you have broken up that couple, you will never achieve a state of self satisfaction or happiness... you will always be miserable.

My advise to you is to do the following five steps:

  1.  Practice Forgiveness

  2.  Overcome Jealousy and

  3. Get some Self Esteem

  4. Power Your Mind with Love Magnet ( Self Hypnosis) to Attract True Love into Your Life.

  5. Move on with your life.

If you are able to follow through on the above steps, you will become a very happy, joyful, and even successful and highly attractive personality.


Now let's understand Why do couple break up: Click Here to read this. Now that you know the reason's why couple's break up

Here's how to break up a couple / How to Break Up Someone Else's Relationship:

1. First - please note break up spell or 'sticking pins in dolls' are simply for those who believe in fairies, voodoo and  magic. From the realistic or scientific point of view - breakup spells have no foundation - they are just a lot of hocus-pocus. So use break up spells only if you have enough money to 'flush down the toilet'.

2. the easiest way to break up a couple is by stoking up the fires of suspicion and creating a break down of trust between the two partners. Here are some possible techniques that may or may not work:

  • Getting each of the partners alone and telling them a 'big juicy secret' about what the other partner was telling a friend about them - this should be something shocking to that person.

  • Or getting the help of one of your friends to convey the impression to one of the partner's that the other is making out with him/her.

  • asking one of your friend's to ring up one of the partner's and talk to him/her for a long time while the couple is on an intimate date.

  • Spreading false stories among mutual acquaintances about either of the partner's in the relationship.

On the whole, you are advised to urgently get some self help. Here are some recommended tools  for you:


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