How to Deal With a Break Up
How to deal with a break up after being in a passionate relationship involving lots of loving, caring and sharing...
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How to Deal With a Break Up...
Healthy Ways to Deal With a Breakup

If you have been in any close passionate relationship for any length of time -- even a long term relationship -- You have  experienced love, attachment, a sense of belonging and sharing, togetherness or doing things together, trust, friendliness, liking and caring, and of course the sexual passions.

In the event of a break up, you are suddenly and swiftly swept along with the changing emotions and deep under currents of the break up. You land  with a  painful thud when the realization hits you that you have just broken up with your 'beloved' and your 'sweet heart' is now your  ex-

 You are suddenly left to face and deal with huge empty spaces glaring at you...

  • No more love nest.

  • No more dates, dinners, fun and other shared activities.

  • No more emotional and even financial support.

  • No more trust that you can fall back and rely on someone

Only broken hopes, expectations and dreams -- And huge chunks of empty time and spaces -- You are left to fill up with all the good memories and mementos which now feel even more magical and fairy tale like, now that they are no more.

How to Deal With a Break Up - 12  Strategies that work every time to Help You Get Over a Break Up - How to Move On After a BreakUp :

  1. Immediately after your break up, schedule some time for grieving... during this time you can cry, rant and rave your grievances, anger at the unfair treatment you received... let all your emotions drain out of you.

  2. Start packing up the old baggage... go through all your memorable mementos, photographs, albums, letters etc... Throw away , give away or pack away for storage not to be opened for a long, long time... at least until time has soothed away all the emotional hurts of this relationship.

  3. Next schedule some quiet time in some inspiring spot, where you are going to sit and think... mentally let the relationship go... Yes let it go. Get it out of your system. Give it a decent burial in your mind and scatter the ashes away... Be done with the past.

  4. Next you have to become a bee hive of activity... you have a lot to do... you have to recuperate, rebuild and sail away... this is the first day of the rest of your life... so start planning. It's going to be exciting.

  5. Take a sheet of paper and start writing your thoughts ideas and hopes for your future... write everything down. This process may take a while and you can spread it out over a number of days. This is your planning stage. So plan , plan , plan...

    • What do you want to do?

    •  where do you want to go?

    •  Places you want to visit;

    •  work you want to do;

    •  any educational goals...etc.

    • Simply let your plans flow out of you... here relationship plans can take the back burner for a while... focus on career, education, traveling, starting new hobbies, taking up new activities, developing new skills, or even meeting new people.

  6. Finally pick just one goal from your list and start working towards it enthusiastically, one step at a time. Take action.

  7. If you feel you need support, you can join the various relationship break up support groups, clubs etc that are available, or even get involved in some voluntary activity.

  8. Start reading or listening to some positive material every day and keep yourself away from negative news, events, or even friends who drain your energies.

  9. For Strategies on how to deal with a break up spiritually to dissolve all negative self talk and put your emotions on the right track, read the following article: Coping With a Break Up

  10. Remember, never to look back. Forward ever.

  11. Re-inventing yourself on the outside will not do the trick alone. You need to re-invent yourself from the inside out. You need to work on your mind to change your attitudes, behaviors and thought patterns. That is the only way you will be able to get rid of your worn out emotions and start looking at things with  new eyes. You will be able to put away this experience in your life just like any other hurdle you have encountered in your life. You hardly remember it now, though your experiences are the richer and more confident just because of it. Various self help tools are available on the market to help you feel better, more confident, have a more positive self image and feel more powerful. Try them out.

  12. Be spontaneous with your life. Don't follow the old worn out patterns of doing things just because that's the way they have always been done. Follow your own hunches and just decide to live a happy, lighter, love filled life come what may.



































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