Can You Speak Things into Existence

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Can You Speak Things into Existence

Haven't you had the uncanny experience at some point in your life that you said: "I want to eat pizza", and a few minutes later, somebody, probably a friend walks your way with a box of - guess what - pizza, and you find yourself munching away with relish?

This is a very common occurrence. In fact, lots of people have reported such strange synchronicities in their life . That magical moment in your life where the universe seems to be saying 'Your wish is my command'

  • You think of someone you haven't met for a really long time, and you accidentally bump into him/her or get an unexpected phone call from that person.

  • You want a parking space and you get it,

  •  You want a taxi cab late at night and one arrives right at that very moment,

  • You wish you could have a date, and somebody shows up.

There have even been some reports that a person utters in a fit of passion, 'I wish he/she would die'. And guess what, a few days / months later that person does die either of a sudden heart attack or an accident or some such thing. And then the speaker of those words when he hears this news, is left in a fit of scare... "Oh my God... Did I speak it into existence?".

This  occurrence of such uncanny synchronicities is what the 'speak into existence' theory is founded on. It seems to be the moment where there is total alignment between the universal powers and the words you speak or wish for.

Of course as with any other idea, there are people who ridicule the 'speak things into existence' concept. Then there are those who think that the power to 'speak things into existence' belongs only to the 'GOD' force - as per biblical version, this force is credited with speaking the universe into existence. As proof they present those people who have prayed and begged for things to happen, yet never got what they wanted.

 Yet the proof in favor of this idea is quite overwhelming and well documented by great authors and teachers. How else can you explain such uncanny occurrences? As so aptly put:

"When man can "wish without worrying", every desire will be instantly fulfilled " .... Florence Scovel Shinn

Can you really speak things into existence...

The believers absolutely believe you can.

In fact, here I would like to challenge you, to try this out on a taxi cab or a parking spot next time you are going out and need one. The secret behind it is speaking it with absolute unwavering conviction, that it will happen. And it is going to happen. Simply refuse to entertain any doubts. And guess what, you will find that parking spot or that ride you are looking for. Though it might take a while for you to reach that state of perfection, where what you speak simply happens. And once you keep practicing and polishing your skill with the small things, you can then experiment with larger things that you want in your life.

How can I speak things into existence - How to Speak things into existence - Affirming things into existence

The concept of 'speak things into existence' has been reverse engineered through the use of Affirmations.  in the case of affirmations, you speak a positive statement, and you keep repeating it religiously, until you develop the belief and conviction that it will happen or is true. Once your conscious and unconscious beliefs tune into alignment with each other, everything falls into place and the magic happens. You end up speaking that thing into existence in your real experience. The power of affirmations has been proven over and over again by countless people all over the world.

For success with affirming things into existence, the power lies in developing unwavering faith and conviction. Here is a story to demonstrate the depth of faith and conviction that is required:

" Thousands of years ago old man Noah stood at the top of a mountain. He had a very intimidating task to accomplish. He had to build an ark and save the world from drowning. He had selected the tallest, sturdiest tree for this worthy task, and was hacking away at it.  It would take him several years to build, and then he would have to wait for the flood to come and float it off the mountain.

 All the towns people and neighbours would drop by every day to see the funny spectacle of the old man building his ark at the top of the highest mountain. They laughed at him. They jeered at him. They called him names. They tried to make bets about how he would float his boat when there was no water in sight.

 Yet no matter what, old man Noah could not be shaken. He was focused on his task with unwavering faith. He would be up at dawn every day and work relentlessly till sun down. Because he had absolute conviction that it would happen. And it did - as the biblical story goes. "

That is the kind of unwavering , unshakeable faith and conviction that you need to develop if you plan on using affirmations to speak things into existence. It's not really difficult once you get the knack of it.

Whatever deep inner longing that you have which falls into total alignment with your trust or faith that you will get it, you are going to get it. Whatever the external circumstances, simply refuse to allow doubt to creep into your mind, believe with unwavering faith, and keep taking the desired actions with absolute trust and faith.

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