Letter of Recommendation Sample

Letter of Recommendation Sample for Peer or Co-worker

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Letter of Recommendation Sample For Peer or Co-worker

This is a professional letter of recommendation written for a fictional co-worker. It is presented here to give an example and demonstrate the technique of writing a professional letter of recommendation.

 As a peer or co-worker you have a pretty good idea of the performance, attitude and abilities of the person you are recommending. Employers are basically looking for behavioral and psychological verifications from colleagues or co-workers. For instance in one real job situation, the employer called the reference and one of the questions asked was: In your experience, how do you think this applicant relates as a mother? - What the employer was trying to figure out was how the applicant would respond psychologically to irate customers... mother's normally have a pretty good ability of dealing with irate children and normally carry this over into their customer service skills.

 So Keep this in mind while writing your letter of recommendation for your co-worker.

 Besides authenticating the professional abilities, you could also focus on behavioral interactions and attitude in the work environment. Or going into even greater depth , you may try and figure out what kind of psychological abilities your co-worker would need in the future position and work your letter of recommendation from that angle. Here is a sample for you:


Your Name
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Email: xxx@yyyy.com


 Month  DD, YYYY

 To Whom It May Concern





Letter of Recommendation For Ms. Avalon Conchion


I have personally known Ms. Avalon Conchion from 1998 - 2000 as her colleague  at BRFT Power International.

 Ms. Conchion organized and managed the accounting and billing logistics in various capacities through her tenure in our organization.

Besides performing  well at her assigned position, I found her to be very helpful, organized,  forthright and reliable. She was always willing to give a helping hand and professional advice over and above her normal call of duty.

In addition she is friendly and able to fit in with colleagues and co-workers creating a positive team environment at work.

 I am fully confident that she will make amazing strides in her career and will prove to be an asset in her future positions as well.

  Hence I fully recommend Ms. Avalon Conchion and wish her luck.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.



Your Name,

(Your Position)

Your Company Name

Your Phone Number







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